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Presbyterian churches

What impact did the Church have on everyday life during the European Middle Ages?

Okay, so I'm working on this really important project (500 points) and I'm supposed to have 2 paragraphs about the church's impact, but I can't find anything on google. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you guys!

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Can you be a christian and not go to church?

Can you be a christian and not go to church? I know things about being one like praying everyday, reading bible, etc. But I've kinda stopped that bc I have no way of getting there bc I cant drive yet. and I moved in with my fiance and his family and th...

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Dumb for wearing uggs in summertime in church?

Okay, last christmas I got a pair of uggs, & didn't really wear them cause I didn't have any jeans that 'looked good' with them. So today I went shopping & bought a pairof straight legged jeans to go with them. Its still summertime & I was wanting to w...

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What do presbyterians believe in?

What do presbyterians believe in? do they believe like christians in the Trinity (God Son Holy Spirit)? Do they believe in salvation/being saved?

**asking because my mom wants to know before I start going to this presbyterian liberal arts college**...

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Would you attend church with your child if they asked you too (for non-christians)?

Im an athiest and me and Chris have been discussing our children lately since we both have very different beliefs. He asked me if one of them asked me to go to church would i go even though its not my beliefs. I personally would if they were under 13 a...

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Why if Jesus was modest all the priests , the churches and the Pope wear gold?

I mean Jesus never wore gold or anything , he was good and modest, but those priests use the name of God to be rich and wear jewlery and expensive stuff and churches made of Gold, but Jesus was born in a manger and live in a modest way. Why these pri...

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How common is it for youth in USA to go to church?

I just see here on FA that there's a lot of young people talking about church, and it's so weird to me. I'm from Norway, and during my whole life, I've been to church 6 times, and all of those was funerals. I'm not baptized, and NONE of my friends all ...

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What do people do with divorce and the Catholic Church?

If your answer is no the church does not grant divorce then wht does one do ? like my fren is livin in with this married guy and he says catholic churches dunt grant divorce. How does she live her life with him wont it be a sin ? and it would be agains...

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If you dont go to church, do you go to Hell?

If you don't go to church, does that mean you go to hell automatically?
I don't believe that's true at all! It doesn't make you a bad person, nor does it make you a satanist... There are plenty of ruthless people that go to church. There are so many hy...

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Should I attend Church?

I have been invited by a friend to attend church this sunday. I mean, Im not atheist, but I have never practiced religion. I mean, it's just not something my family really does. I. I need some advice. Will I like religion if I attend? I want to...but t...

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How to talk to the President of my Church?

I would like to know how I could ask my Branch President of the Church of Jeezus Christ of Latter Day Saints my personal problems such as relationships?
I've been keeping my personal life inside me without telling him.
I've been talking to different me...

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contemporary church clothes

I have a really fun, not dressy, youth group on wendsdays. but all of the girls in there are natrually beautiful. I dont wanna look like im trying to hard. I like this really hott guy in there though. there is no rules to what I can wear
im wearing dar...

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What if my LDS Church is more supportive than family?

Would any of you agree with me that my lds church is more suportive then my own family?
Well, the reason why I'm asking this is because not only did I have a rough life with my parrents, rest of my family never see me, and they probably could care less...

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What should I do about this lil church boy I really like?

I go to this church and a boy named Justin goes there aswell. We have talked a few times but not very much. we both hang out with the name crowd though. I kinda like him, and he thinks im cute but its kinda akward now that we kinda both know we like ea...

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How does it feel for all of you to be baptized in your church?

Just wondering from your own experiences, how does it feel for all of you to be baptized in your church?
I know for me, I felt so different. It also felt so good to have all my sins washed away, and to have the spirit with me. Being baptized into the ...

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Should the churches be shut down that kicked out members?

Recently, one church in my area booted two members (an interracial couple) for voting for Obama. Another required members to go to communion for voting for Obama, as they said it was a "sin".

So, given the Church's clear direct interference in polit...

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My mom wants me to go to church but I don't want to go

My mom wants me to go to church. I keep giving excuses for why I can't. I am religious in that I believe in God and you must be forgiven for your sins in order to be saved. However, I do not really believe that you have to go to church. I don't know if...

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He is only allowed to marry within his church?

Well I've liked this guy whose name is Jimmy. And well I know he likes me too. I can tell by the way that he looks at me. But we are never going to be able to be together because of his religeon. He is Christian and I found out a couple of days ago fro...

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what song to sing in christmas in church?

the youth are called to do a performance in church in the evangelistic meeting in church in conjunction to the Christmas eve. I mean there will be non believers coming and I was bursting my veins to figure out the perfect song,but it didnt work..
I al...

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When voting do you support or reject the church's position ?

For Catholics only please: Cardinal Edward Egan of New York, the leading Catholic prelate, declared abortion "no less heinous than what was perpetrated by Hitler and Stalin," the Boston Globe reported. The newspaper column was illustrated with a pictur...

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