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How can I improve my hair, skin, and teeth?

I want to look better for school in there areas

Ok so I would like my hair to be shinier, and have more body

I would like my skin to be less red

And I tried a teeth whitening strip (they're not yellow I just wanted to try it) and ...

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How do you improve your rhythm?

I play violin. My intonation and bowing is pretty good, but my rhythm is pretty bad. I either play too fast or too slow, or don't play the note it's full duration. I have a metronome, but I don't know how to subdivide and count very well. How do I impr...

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how can I improve my attention on study

hi I m in really big exam is just after 20 days..but I can give attantion on my study..whenever I try to study lot of matter I need to think.really I cant give full days I feel like I cant pass on exam,,so need advice

29 views · Education & School

Improve one area of your personal life, what would it be

I am doing a quick survey for a school assignment...
The question is,
"if you could improve one area of your personal life, what would it be?"

Just add your age and gender. Don't worry, they won't be documented. Your answer will be put into a categor...

13 views · General Knowledge

how to improve my physical appearance?

Hi im 21 years old lady and im quite thin with less developed breast and hips+butts. I want to improve my physical appearance.Everyday i listen such words "O how thin u r" and i bear alot of ebbarasment everyday.Do tell me what should i do?

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What can I do to help my daughter improve her comprehension skills?

She needs help with life comprehention, like how you should be treatin people, she just doesn't seem to get that you can't treat people any kind of way. She also needs help with reading comprehention, she can read well but she doesn't get the jist of w...

75 views · Education & School

How to improve my tone on the flute?

Okay so I started playing the flute last year. I can get all my notes I'm just not very strong when I play. How can I focus my air more? Also, any tips on being able to play longer without taking a breath? (The requirement is two measures and I can onl...

24 views · Music

What is something about yourself you wanted to improve and did you succeed?

I'll go first. I needed to get better at recognizing people's strengths, it was something I was very concerned about when I first started working. I think I've gotten a lot better at it, even though I have to remind myself sometimes to do it when I'm t...

13 views · General Knowledge

Improving myself

I feel like such a terrible person. I'm not that bad, but I feel it. It's not my looks that are the problem anymore, it's me in general. The holidays are coming up and I don't think I deserve anything for christmas after seeing all those poor people wi...

18 views · Love & Relationships

How can i improve my voice for giving a speech or just simple talking?

Im watching some videos in youtube but those are for singing i wonder if those works for talking and giving speeches i want to have a good voice not sounding goofy lol. What do you think tell me i need to sound convincing, and strong. Any advice is we...

22 views · Health

Do colleges like to see improvement?

Freshmen year was horrible and my grades weren't very good. Sophomore year, I had decent to excellent grades. It's my junior year now and I'm going to try to work as hard as I can. I want to aim for at least a 3.7 GPA. Do colleges like to see improveme...

66 views · Education & School

How can I improve my math grade?

Ohkae, so I'm a unique,beautiful, originial, middle school/high school girl(lOl]. I enjoy school a lot, but there is one probably. I have a hard time passing my math (algebra] work. To tell you the truth I have a F. How can I focus more on my work??? I...

28 views · Education & School

Will taking a high school language class improve my chances of getting into college?

I don't like taking spanish, but I really want to go to college. I've taken 2 years in high school, but I was wondering if I should suffer through it another year. Will that give me a better chance to get into most colleges?

If I don't have spanish,...

18 views · Education & School

How can I improve my tapping abilities on my guitar?

i've been working on them but i still haven't actually manage tomake them the way i should make them...
when i try to tap i tap by hiting the strings where i want to play with and try to make 4 to 5 notes at the time but i have only manage to play 3 o...

10 views · Music

please slove my problem (breast improvment)

could any 1 kindly tell me how to improve my breast size
I'm 21 years old, weight -40 Kg's height 5' 5,
very thin girl , no dress is suitable to me exactly ..
loosing confidence...just becoz of this reason,plzz tell me medicine or diet

109 views · Beauty & Style

How Can I improve My Riding And My Horse for the Upcoming Show?

My Arabian has been really stubborn lately. It's like a constant battle between us to get him to do anything, especially English. (We tried flying lead changes and he just about killed us both, long story) He won't collect, isn't constant, and is anyth...

11 views · Sports & Activities

How to improve my English?

Hey guys,next year im going to take a really important examination.I need to pass my english.But im not very good in english.I always get 50 or below for my english examination.Guys,please help.I hope it will not be too late for me to start putting eff...

12 views · Education & School

How to improve dancing skills?

I wanna dance, like hip hop and that kinda thing. But Im not good at it. Im not exactly skinny, but im planning on losing weight and I think dancing would help that out too. I really wanna make something of my life, I wanna dance, sing, act, boxing or ...

22 views · General Knowledge

How can I improve my acting skills?

Im really bad at acting, but I wanna do it! I dont have money for acting classes tho:( I can be a good liar sometimes but for some reason its only with my parents. I cant lie to my friends and siblings. I sing but thats all. I dont know if im good at i...

70 views · Entertainment

How does the following improve soil fertility?

I'm studying for my biology test and I was wondering, How does the following improve soil fertility:
-ploughing in stubble rather than burning it
-draining waterlogged fields
-planting peas or beans every third year
-adding NPK fertiliser
-adding well-...

732 views · Science

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