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Cheap flight ticket close to Christmas Day?

I want to go visit friends and buy a plane ticket to leave the day before Christmas. I want to go on the 23rd from San Francisco to Baltimore Washington International. When is the best time to buy a ticket? And where should I get this almost last minut...

45 views · Shopping

What can I put in badly damaged hair?

Hello.I've badly damaged hair..I use pantene hair fall control..My hair was like..straight but there's still some hair which curled up.What can I do or apply?If you wants to recommend me some products,please recommend me international brand.As I scare ...

34 views · Beauty & Style

To live in sudamerica. . .are there houses expensive in argentina.?

Ohkay so I was watching this house hunters international (lol) on the hgtv channel and this couple wanted to live in argentina.
The price said 250,000
But I know over there their currency is a lot different.

250,000 is cheap to us americans but-what I...

20 views · Jobs & Money

Who has Amazon's Kindle 3 eReader?

I want to buy a kindle 3 but i'm an international user (Dubai). Does anyone know if this poses any problems while using the kindle? I heard that i can't use the wireless feature when downloading books, is there any other problem i can face? Also does t...

11 views · Computers & Tech

How long does it take to do the IGCSEs?

I go to an American International School, im recently turned 15 and I'm in Grade 10. This January I'm going to a British School. I was wondering to those out there who know more about this if you think I could pass the IGCSEs in December 09 and do well...

37 views · Education & School


can someone write a 20 line minimum poem for me with using atleast 5 of these literary devices: rhyme scheme, free verse, concrete peotry, imagery, simile, metaphor, figurative language, alliteration, onomatopeia, hyperbole, internal rhyme, and narrati...

37 views · Education & School

Problems with the sun?

yeah a while back I heard this info on the sun having serious issues...wish I recalled more...I heard it was something along the lines that a load (hundreds) of international scientists grouped together trying to solve/figure out this "Issue" with the...

11 views · Environmental Issues

Do people really like "Die antwoord" band from South Africa?

I have seen a few interviews where people say how much they love Die antwoord but I mean seriously? People in SA hate them and see them as Trailer trash. My opinion is that they give SA a really bad name by touring international and saying this is Sout...

12 views · Music

universal studios/music /hollywood records

Im not currently in school right now im in the process of doing some classes im not doing an exact grade but more or less avalable courses if I were in school I would be in grade 10 I live in canada and I was wondering is it possible for me to get my g...

39 views · Jobs & Money

Graphic card in laptop

I have compaq presario v6000 laptop...1.8ghz,512mb ram ddr2(im not sure)...64 mb intel mobile chipset gu/gm...I am buying a nvidia geforce 8400gs 512mb graphic card...will it work with my laptop???
Need to find out whether my laptop has pcmcia or expre...

42 views · Computers & Tech

How do I get a work holiday visa for Germany?

I'm in Canada right now but going to Europe in October. I'm hoping to b e in Germany by the beginning of September and maybe working/living there for a year.
But I can't find exact details on how to go about applying for a holiday work visa. Canada in...

16 views · Jobs & Money

Should there be charges laid against people who fail to follow the rules when packing luggage for flight?

Recently, the Miami International Airport had to be evacuated and flights delayed because a man had an object in his luggage that resembled a pipe bomb. The object, which proved to be harmless, caused the airport and surrounding roads to be shut down f...

22 views · Politics & Law

What majors should I get to be a pastry chef?

(Like Buddy Valastro if you may lol) For years now I've wanted to have my own bakery and make custom cakes, bake bread, sweets, etc, but I'm not sure what major/minor I should get..I looked on the International Art Institute of Chicago website and saw ...

14 views · Education & School

How to deal with a rude boss?

So, I am quitting my job--found something better, and my last day is Friday. Yea! However, I think one of my supervisors has been quite rude to one of our student interns, unfairly singling her out and isolating her from the rest of the office. I do...

43 views · Jobs & Money

Biology homework!

Ok, I have to look on the internet for some facts on earthworms. But I can' t find these 3 things. do they make or consume energy? can they maintain their internal balance & keep from getting sick?
3.has earthworms changed in the last 4.6 b...

24 views · Science

Talent Scout coming to Denver?

I was listening to the radio while my mom was driving me to school today and I heard something about talent scouts staying at a hotel by the Denver International Airport? I got excited about it and failed to write down the correct website and number. I...

37 views · General Knowledge

Pc problem help!

My pc starts but doesn't have output to monitor, keyboard and mouse... However there is output to my external hdd. I just added 2gb ram a few months ago. A geforce 8600 graphics card since december, internal 160gb hdd. Xp home edition. Hp compaq dx7300...

42 views · Computers & Tech

Who's right, the media or Biden ?

Democrat vice presidential candidate Joe Biden on Sunday guaranteed that if Barack Obama is elected president, there will be an international crisis within six months - From the majority of television and print media I've seen and read for months, Obam...

18 views · Politics & Law

What's a quick/easy way to keep up on world events?

What's the quickest way to keep up with current events? I'm so busy, but others expect me to know about world news! Is there a cheat sheet sheet web site or something similar? I know this sounds stupid and shallow, but I don't have time to read all abo...

42 views · Politics & Law

Have I miscarried or am I still pregnant?

I am only 6 weeks pregnant and had a bleed last week that I would have thought was a regular period had I not already known I was pregnant. I had an internal scan done and was still pregnant but bled a lot after this. I am still really tired a little...

28 views · Health

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