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Gun safes

Here are mine, anyone other theorys out there?

About 10 years ago I noticed something to be quite perplexing about the bible. With all of the prophecies concerning the end times how can the people look at the judgments and not see this a clear act of G-d? I have two questions for you, and two an...

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What Should I Say to Him?

So theres this guy at work that I think is so cute, his names Adam. A couple weeks ago I walked in to pick up my pay check and he kind of just made conversation and a few days later commented on the way I looked saying he didnt even recognize me, makin...

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Where can I work on my limited education? Need help asap?!?!?

Ok so I've been pretty much kicked out of school well not exactly I've been suspended for a year and its for something that I did not do and I had no proof so I could not fight it anyways at the end of the school year in grade 9 I had a gun that I was ...

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You like my rap?

Nobody has a swagga like me;
Rippin the game like a great MC.
Puttin ya ta rest with a punch from me;
Hit ya in tha dome with a left knee.
Like the mayor I own the key;
Can’t ever take the town from me.
I’m so great with a swagga ya see;
Hold th...

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Why are the lips of my vagina itching? It is long but it gives background that helps explain why I am confused

About 2 to about 3 weeks ago or so, I took care of a yeast infection that I had and since then I haven't had any problems. Last saturday my boyfriend came back from a one month work leave ( he was in texas helping with the fire) but since he has been b...

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Another survey


Be blind or deaf?
Knit a sweater or bake 20,000 cookies?
Own a 2 headed goat or a purple cow?
Die from getting shot or drowning?
Fly or be able to stop time?
Would you rather have a cook or a butler?

Argued with som...

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An Example of Gods protection

I received this message from another user, and thought it ought to be shared with all.
For the ones that do not believe this to be possible, I ask that you constrain yourself, from being abusive, in your remarks. Others will take this to heart, and it...

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Can anybody help me ? I have a violent cousin?

I have a cousin around the same age who has been living with me ever since my uncle her papa passed away.I think since we were 9.She is a very normal girl.Smart at class very talented in singing and piano and indeed prettier than me and for some reason...

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is this racist?

is this racist? I got it by e-mail. I want to put it on myspace cause its funny but I think it might be racist. what do you think?:::

Night Befo Crizzmus

Wus da night afo' Crizzmus, and all thru da hood,
everybody be sleepin' and da sleepi...

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I miss my DAD but he doesnt want nothing to do w/me, HELP???

The beginning of 2009 me and my dad got into a huge fight, words where exchanged, then blows where bein thrown... I loved going to my parents house w/my kids its the only place that would make me feel safe and loved & my children LOVED seein their gran...

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whats a poem by a FAMOUS poet about not judging someone or something that goes with the song below? I need to read a poem while play this song in the background:


We've all seen a man at the liquor store beggin' for your chan...

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Change your self or wallow in lonliness and regret?

here's the deal.
I am 21 never dated-never kissed-and all that. Why? well firstly I am fat, small-breasted and generally unattractive, secondly I am as closed off from other people as they get.
I was always a late bloomer and at school when everyone ...

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What should I do?

Mk kinda long explanation but its kinda interesting and I really need advice so bear with me :)
so this guy in one of my classes, let's call him K, started TOTALLY flirting with me one day back in late December/early January ish. I had a boyfriend at ...

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Can we please drop the label talk?

I'm asking nicely, I'm not trying to judge people or anything, but I think the whole label thing needs to be dropped. I don't think people should sterotype. Putting people into categories because of; what they look like, their religion, their hobbies, ...

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Broken family :(

Im da youngest child and only daughter in my family.My dad passed away when I was really young and my mum raised myself and my 3 older brothers by herself. A few years ago one of my brothers began dating this chick, and after a few months she fell preg...

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How can my dad dare try and be a father figure to me?

Since I was born, I never saw my dad without a drink in his hand, I don't even remember him ever sober and this is pure honesty. He's an embarrassment, I've never hated someone it's not right to live with regret. Either way just after my 14th birthday ...

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Help With My Current Parent Situation!!!

I need some advice with my current parent situation. I am 15, turning 16 this june. my mom was married first to my real father, then they dicorced. well, then she got the bright idea to marry the man I hate.(yes,HATE) he is always mean to me. and he is...

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Warped tour 08 updated lineup!

3OH!3 whole tour

A Day to Remember jun 20 - jul 20

Against Me! whole tour

Aggrolites whole tour

Alesana whole tour

All That Remains jul 22 - aug 17

All Time Low jul 22 - aug 17

Anberlin jun 21 - aug 17

Angels and Airwaves whole t...

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The New Law for Teen Drivers in Pennsylvania?

Okay, so here's the thing:
I live in Maryland, but will soon be moving to southern PA with my father. According to something I saw on the news, there will be a new driver's law possibly enforced for driver's under the age of 18.
The Law will state tha...

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Family Guy Quiz Help

1) What is Cleveland's ex wife's name?

2) How did the griffins get to go to L.A. for free to see Brian?
Won the lottery
Stole a plane
Got Stewie on "Kids Say the Darndest Things"

65 views · Entertainment

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