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Cute puppies... I need help...

Ok.. I found these really cute teacup yorkie puppies online for FREE! and me and my fiance would love to have them for our new apartment...but... I dont know if it is a scam or not if you could please read over the E-mail she sent me and tell me what y...

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Hows this rap?

Its my lil bro's he like 10 so dont expect greatness hahah

My quickness
Is a sickness
No cure
No vaccine
My rymes are mean
No regrets
Bout these threats
No regard
Because I always go hard
Im comin wit no remorse
Im aheada da course
No me...

37 views · Music

how would you raise your kids?

<> this might be a little long<><X> am asking this question just out of boredom<X> there many ways to raise a kid.I try to think of raising a kid in 2 simple raise. Dependent and Independent. so how would you raise a kid between the two. and how do yo...

21 views · Kids

Should I play wrestle with my son?

Hi i’m a mother of one and 33.

I’m in a really difficult situation which started a couple of days ago. It arose after play wrestling with my 10 year old son, who’s a big wrestling fan. Having recently moved house and school he spends much of his free ...

1110 views · Sex

Are your troubles with your parents justified?

Guys Were all at a stage where our teenage hormones are kicking in.You scream, fight and disagree alot with what your parents say but place yourself in the position of your folks. You complain about having strict parents and wanting to move out. Your p...

19 views · Parents & Family

Help with a way to approach someone...

How do I tell her I don't want to be her friend because she doesn't know how to be a good friend and that it's not ok what she put me through?

Here's why :
I have a friend who I take out with me everywhere I go. She eats, drinks and dances for free. W...

29 views · Love & Relationships

Is he using me as he gets with my friend?

I broke up with my ex on 27th Dec 2006. I still couldn't let go till now. Today is the 2nd month of our break up. I am still so sad. Now he likes a girl in my class who is my friend. I know that my friend does like him. They talk to each other every ni...

14 views · Love & Relationships

Really scary neighbor problems...

Ok, well I have these neighbor problems. They ar e really bad problems. Ok, so my 3 best guy friends and I where buying fart bombs from the ice cream truck and we got 8 all together. We used them all accept for two. One of them we threw in a UPS truck....

38 views · Love & Relationships

How can you survive with a felony

Can life get any worse. I'm 21 as wasn't even covicted of a felony just placed on adjufication probation wich I completed like a year early.that was in 05 here it is like 3 years laterand I'm dealing with nothing but a bunch of b.s. I was told that wit...

73 views · Parents & Family

Should I just give up?...

I've been talking to a guy, for over a year now. starting Jan, 16 2008.
I've known him for over 3 years. Im a photographer for his band for those 3 years since they started. Just a year ago at a show they had, I noticed he wasnt himself and we starte...

25 views · Love & Relationships

Help me with my Poem Please

Okay so this is my poem so far!! I dont know how to end it >;[
Also.. I want to add in it somewhere stuff like this.
' for you is who id want to walk along the beach Holding you Soft Gentle Warm hands (something like that)
' to be with you, and to s...

6 views · Art, Writing & Literature

I'm trying to spill my heart here...

his name is john, we met my shopmore year... at first I didn't like him but as I got to know him and gave him a chance, I fell in love... we had a wonderful beginning, I was so happy and everything was going smooth like in any relationship... things hi...

43 views · Love & Relationships

I've been raped and need some advice to help me get through this!

hi ya can any one help me pls!x
I went on holiday a couple of weeks ago to tenerife with my friend!
and on the last night me and my friend were very drunk!
we were havin a laugh round the pool and one of the barmen was sittin on the wall by us ju...

75 views · Sex

does he really love me? }guys please help{ LONG!

kk so I've been dating my boyfriend for7 months
I love him tonzz
and he says he loves me
but I dated a guy a while a ago who did the same thing but turned out he only wanted me to be his lil sex doll I nvr did him
I've had sex with my current boyf...

50 views · Sex NSFW

My Note .

( I get , there are a lot of spelling errors , this is the rough draft , so just read it , tell me if you like it , and why )

cause its a break down ,

my life , no longer includes , being Cautious , It is going to Consist of risk's
risk's , se...

21 views · General Knowledge

Have you ever had a near death experience?

Would you like to share your story?

Here's my story:

4 Years ago I went outside and didn't come home for a few days. I took a public bus but I didn't know where the bus was headed. And when I got off the bus, I found myself in a different part ...

20 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

How can I talk to my best friend about this?

My best friend and I have been talking for a year or so everyday. literally everyday...
I've liked him for a long time. Before we even started talking again. About three years ago I met him in a band that was just getting started. I take pictures for ...

72 views · Love & Relationships

Neighbors attack my son

There is a section 8 rental on our street, there are 7-8 people living there only 5 of wich are suppose to be. All of the children are 8 and under. Our problems started right away, these children began giving inappropriate info to the rest of the kids ...

48 views · Sex

Where can I work in california? Need help asap?!?

Ok so I've been pretty much kicked out of school well not exactly I've been suspended for a year and its for something that I did not do and I had no proof so I could not fight it anyways at the end of the school year in grade 9 I had a gun that I was ...

21 views · Jobs & Money

how do I know if am dreaming to big?

( sorry for it being long.. there a couple of questions in here I need advice on)) almost alll my life. I wanted to go to college get a good job And move out the hood.but now am starting to hoping for a little to family don't have m...

42 views · General Knowledge

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