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What is the best thing to do as this point?

I am a 17 year old male, who is dating a wonderful 16 year old girl. We have been dating for over 9 months now, and its been very happy between us this entire time ( no fighting included) we use to see each other everyday of summer, frequently througho...

14 views · Sex

His 16 yr old brother hit on me and im 13!!!

I will start from the beginning of the story its kinda long but I appreciate advice!

I went to my cousins house for her bithday and there were a lot of guys there from the other side of the family who arnt blood relitaves to me. I was talkin to them ...

69 views · Parents & Family

Do these dreams have some sort of meaning?

Okay so I dont usually have dreams but lately I've been having VERY simaliar dreams to one that ill have the night before,and each night that I have this dream it gets longer and more defined and easier to remember. I've been having this dream for like...

19 views · Love & Relationships

Son's poem

I wrote a poem for my son. I'd like some constructive criticism on how to make it flow 'better' because I fully intend to transfer it onto a plaque in his nursery with a decoupaged photo of he and I sleeping. I know it's not the best thing ever written...

35 views · Sex

what are some stereotypes you have to deal with in your daily life basis?

here are some stereotypes i found::::::: yeah i know thats a lot---- * It is a common belief in America that all other countries don't really exist.
* I'm Brazilian, so I must have a big butt.
* I'm black so I must love fried chicken and ko...

45 views · Sex

What do you think of my story, (Redone)?

I thought that my last story lacked a bit of detail, so I kept the same theme but just changed it around a little.

I was running down a dark corridor, I could barley see anything but outlines of things on the ground and sticking out of the wall, I ...

30 views · Art, Writing & Literature

List of random general knowledge questions?

HEY! just random, but im alittle bored.
1.what is your favorite color?

2.can you legally drink? you know what the word "Vapid" means? you:
A: mourn over Michael jacksons death
B:you're alittle sad, I mean he did change the pop cul...

32 views · Sex

My dad is plaguing me...

I don't even know where to start with this. It is literally driving me crazy.

My parents split in October up after 20 years of marriage. My dad has been abusive to me since I was very little, both physically and mentally. They didn't end it on good te...

21 views · Parents & Family

Who has dated some one older?

OK...I am 13 and I dont date anyone younger than me, I mite when im older but at the moment no...I mostly like highschoolers(14-17) I am currently crushing on a 17 yr old...hes really nice, and sweet and funny, and we have a lot in common...but everyon...

15 views · Love & Relationships

What way should I talk to this girl?

(( I reposted cause for some odd reason the admin or editor moved it to Love/Relationship and it was no where to be found anyway. so if the editor/admin can just delete the old one and keep this that would be great thank)). ok if you read my old questi...

11 views · Love & Relationships

I have a crush on one of my best guy friends!!! Can someone please

He's a freshman in college and I'm a junior, senior when the summer's over. He is smart, funny, great to be around, family-oriented, church-going, outgoing, creative, and sexy (and he knows it) but he's so sweet all the time and when we hang out he rea...

75 views · Sex

What do you think of my storyline?

Too confusing?

I am a wanna-be author and my agent says she'll look into it if I can get an aspproved storyline; a sotryline other people will like. It's fantasy and kinda hard to follow... I hope you do!

Life story

In 1879, a pregnant wom...

39 views · FunAdvice Community

How can I sort this between my parents and boyfriend?

This is quite a big story, so please can someone read it and give me some advice!

Basically, me and my boyfriend have been on and off, but mainly together for about a 1 year and 4 months.
At first, my parents loved him, and his family and my family a...

10 views · Sex

Tell me what you think of this excellent novel I wrote in English.

I've written quite a decent novel about life on the frontline in the trenches at night,
reply with what you think.


It was dark, the shrill of owls swooped low over-head, and the bats shriek in fright, Yet adventure. The stars shone ...

10 views · Art, Writing & Literature

advise for ones who restricted in love by parents

ok well like I explainded in my what 3 other advise messages that I still didnt get really much help with im 16 my boyfriends 19 totally legal in every way but my mom refuses to let me see him and be with him so we sneak.. but now shes got my band inst...

14 views · Parents & Family

Do you think this as a Perfect BoyFriend?

When she stares at your mouth
[ Kiss her ]

When she pushes you or hits you like a dumb as* because she thinks shes stronger than you
[ Grab her and dont let go ]

When she starts cursing at you trying to act all tuff
[ Kiss her and tell her you...

10 views · Love & Relationships

Upsetting or what?

I don't feel safe anymore knowing these things, do you?...
Somewhere in America, a woman is raped every 2 minutes, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Approximately 28% of victims are raped by husbands or boyfriends,...

33 views · Sex

Rabbits experts, possibly pregnant rabbit is hiding

Hi all,

I was given a couple Netherland Dwarfs & when they brought them to us they ere in transport box for over 2 hours, then we had them in the same hutch of the night untill we got the 2nd hutch then next day,

anyway that was around 5 weeks ago, ...

52 views · Pets & Animals

Cute puppies... I need help...

Ok.. I found these really cute teacup yorkie puppies online for FREE! and me and my fiance would love to have them for our new apartment...but... I dont know if it is a scam or not if you could please read over the E-mail she sent me and tell me what y...

57 views · Pets & Animals

how can I convince my parents I can do good if we move back

Soo im 15 years old and I know I have a good family and everything and I live in new york. they buy me things I want but they just dont get it. this may sound girlish and stuff but what I need is love. I wish I could go back to the age when my parents ...

84 views · Parents & Family

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