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How do I get my ex out of my house?

I went through a divorce almost a year ago, we bought a house after we were married and my name is the only name on the loan. I'm in the military and can't and will not be around drugs. She started using about 1 1/2 year into the marrige and I tried ...

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Career choice help!

K so I'm a senior at a public high school and im applying to several universities and feel horrible to the fact that I'm choosing undeclared for my major and minor. But the thing is that I don't know what I want to study. I love learning new things and...

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How do I help my mum?

I think my mum's on her way to a mental breakdown...
My parents recently separated last fall after 20 years of an abusive relationship. My dad hasn't kept in contact but he's got lawyers fighting my mum for everything we own... he's spread false rumou...

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Who says that a married man can't fall inlove with another woman?

I have fallen head over hills in love with a married man and as much as he sings to me and tells me that he loves me how can it all be a lie?

When we met we had no intention of it going this far,I was coming out of an abusive marriage and he is very...

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My husband can't find work because of a stupid felony

Why stupid, you ask? Because we were stupid. what he did was tragic, but not a crime. Seven years ago when getting home from the graveyard shift he picked up and carried our infant son into the living room for some quality time before going to sleep...

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What sorts of jobs that don't involve math and chemistry greatly could I consider?

So i was really thinking about my future, see i have no clue what i will be, im good at art and english.
Il cut to the point, when im older and get a job i want money, i want real money enough money to support myself ad a family and have extras, i can...

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Thanks for your support about me facing my rapist

All that read my post know I had court today with my rapist..

Well most went well we had to take a DNA test and when it comes back tomarrow saying he is the father that is just one more charge he has brought upon his self today went ok.. hated being i...

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Help with a sad situation...

My daughters friend is 16, she lives with her abusive mother (most recent she choked her, spit in her face & called her racial names) & she's dating a 24yr old man (her mom approves) & he's also physically & emotionally abusive with her. 2day we hid he...

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Musical Misogyny: Good or Great?

I've been listening to the complete works of 'Led Zeppelin' for the first time in ages. The casual misogyny in their songs struck me like it never did before. Much as I dislike misogyny on a personal level, using the subject as the centre of their musi...

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Should I stay or should I go?

I'm 15 and my boyfriend is 18. I told my mom we had sex and she told me I could not see him anymore. She caught us talking a lot of times. We have had plenty of warnings, but I was still tempted to talk to him because I wanted to let him know I still w...

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Ex-girlfriend Drama/sentencing/court...blah

Ok. My boyfriend is in jail, for those of you who already know, im sorry, I just need to ask another question. So. He had a plea hearing today,I went, and he plead guilty to his charges. Heres the clincher. His sentencing date is May 22nd. And here are...

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Mandy, have you thought about a World Tour?

Well... if it's really you who read and actually answer this questons it's wonderfull.. a miracle...! I'm from Venezuela.. a caribean country in South America.. I just would like to know if you have concider the idea or have been thinking to go on a wo...

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3 Felonies

I was 21 and took a plea bargin back in 98 for misconduct with a minor class B, no jail town. I thought I the girl was 18 but she was 15. Parents lied and said they thought I was 17. black guy in a white town no way I would have won in ct. GOD was on...

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Need legal help

I am a 22 year old guy, living with my parents. When I was in 8th class, I gt epileptic fit, but due to improper treatment , my conditions gt worse and due to that I gt some psychological problemsand gt into depression bcoz of my parents behaviour towa...

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Am I the "other woman?" Is he a shady player?

Is this guy shady and maybe I'm the "other woman"?HELP!!?
Is this guy shady and maybe dating more than me?HELP!!?

Ok. I met this guy in January and went out sporadically like 3 or 4 times. Then didn't see him for 3 months because he was busy like h...

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Who would win this custody battle?

I'm 22. My ex-girlfriend, Maria, is 24. My son, Lucian, is five.

I currently have Lucian. He's been with me since she cheated on me with my brother. I let him choose who he wanted to stay with.

Seeing as Maria raised him for five years, I felt awful...

48 views · Parents & Family

What to do when my children's father has bad history?

Dear reader,

I have been having problems with my childrens father. I had an original question that explains most of it. Original question/situation:

I am worried about the safety of my kids concerning their father. We are not together because of o...

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What's With Marilyn Manson

What's up with Marilyn Manson? Why do the main streamers give him the name Goth? He's no where near it. He's just your stereotypical metal head(if you can even call his music metal). Only 7% of Goths will claim that he is, & that 7% are usually Mall-Go...

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My current situation -_- please read and help ...LONG!

OK So first thing first, my mother is and idiot, to put it lightly. She looks for love in all the wrong places, she was at one point making over 100 000 dollars a year with benefits beyond belief, and she was a foster mother with good connections. In h...

41 views · Love & Relationships

How different people have sex,

How they have sex, think of more? Post it:)

Accountants are good with figures.

Actors do it on cue.

Advertisers use the "new, improved" method.

Ambulance drivers come quicker.

Ansi does it in the standard way

Archeologists like it old...

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