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Body Grip

first off, its internal. .. it feels as if something or someone is gripping my ribs and as I breathe deeper, it stings more but it feels better the further I go.. like its letting go or something. I don't thnk im descibing it correctly but can you try ...

31 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Who knows any cool virtual games on the itouch?

There are many games on the iPod touch. But what I want is a cool virtual game like cabal or perfect world international. One with attacks where you can level up and stuff. But an oline anime type theme. Please I need help

15 views · Gaming & Games

Why am I getting this message on youtube?

I go ton youtube and got this message...

500 Internal Server Error

Sorry, something went wrong.

A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation.

If you see them, show them this information:
am I hacked

100 views · Computers & Tech

What was this German dish?

At an international food fair, I tried something from the German food stall. It was red, almost looked like raw meat, perhaps like raw beef or chicken. It had a bit of an herb taste and was salty. It was spread on toast. Does anyone have an idea what t...

26 views · Food & Dining

Know any good online male AND female clothing with cheap shipping to Canada?

Or cheap international shipping? I knew some sites that did shipping to Canada from $15 but then later on changed a more expensive shipping. I'm looking for online clothing stores that sell both male and female clothing. I know a few Canadian clothing ...

12 views · Shopping

Why do many people on here seem to assume they're only addressing others within their own country when they post?

This is an international community. It helps us gain insight as to why their local culture is what it is, but it tends to emphasise our differences. I like to think it is our similarities that make us interesting...

13 views · FunAdvice Community

Coughing up red meucus?

Is it ok to be coughing up red meucus?
It just started today, and its only happened about 2 or 3 times, but I'm not so sure there should be blood in there. But also, a while ago when I had a really bad cold, when I blew my nose the snot was red-ish.

56 views · Health

Grad school advice needed..

Before I begin, let me give insight to my situation. Im 19 and currently attending UNT; majoring in international studies with a focus on international law and diplomacy and a minors in arabic. I obtained my associates at the age of 17 so im a bit ahea...

18 views · Education & School

What did the decleration of independence do?

Is the declaration of Independence a symbol or a government paper stating our formation into a nation?
If the declaration of independence have no rights to give then whats the point of the declaration of the reason americans had the right to dissolve a...

43 views · Politics & Law

How can I mute my microphone on yahoo?

I just bought a new hp laptop. It has the internal web cam with microphone. I wanna know is there a way I can disable or mute my mic so when im doing video call in yahoo with my fiance, I can still hear him but he can't hear me. I just get wicked paran...

98 views · Computers & Tech

Will this affect my at&t internet?

Hiyaaa :]
I have at all three services;
Phone, internet and cable.
I make a lot of international calls so my bill is insane :o
So I wanted to switch to vonage,
I still want to keep my internet and cable but just disconnect the phone service, my mommy ...

13 views · Computers & Tech

Who can make me laugh like hardcore???

I'm bored. I wanna lmfao! Like hardcore.. that I almost pee on myself or it feels as if my kidney or internal organs are gunna explode! Shane Dawson usualy make me lmfao... buuut Youtube is acting stupid ATM. -.- Knock yourself out and make me laugh. :DDD

11 views · Entertainment NSFW

What might this German dish be?

My boyfriend and I volunteered at an international food fair a while ago and we were allowed to sample some of the food. It was something bright, siren red, served on bread or toast. It was salty and I'm not sure if it was meat or not. It has the textu...

22 views · Food & Dining

How to make a good impression at my new school?

Well basically, I have only lived in one place for my entire life, in a small town, and I have recently found out that we are moving to Germany. I will go to an international school in Hamburg. I will be switching mid-semester, and I was just wondering...

65 views · Education & School

What are some artworks which can be used to represent humanity?

Hey guys, im after 5 artworks which can be used internationally to represent the positive qualities of Humanity for an art assignment at school. I am having a bit of difficulty as to finding some so any advice you can offer me would be fantastic!


32 views · General Knowledge

Do you believe the Book of Mormon?

Can any Mormon help me understand how he or she can accept or believe a religion with so many internal contradictions and so much external evidence against it? I do not want to Mormon bash, but would like to understand how someone who considers himsel...

44 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Will it be harder to get a work permit with a new company?

i am an international student .completed my post grade in canada. and now i am hierd by a company which is opening few months back. i have applied for my work permit. just want to ask will it be less chance to get my work permit as a company is so new...

21 views · Jobs & Money

LG Voyager Texting NIghtmare!

when im texting with the internal keyboard, its constantly finishing things for me, for exhample if I try to type quotations, ", I will get "o or (I instead of ( and several other symbol only oddities that are quite frankly making me really mad! how ...

42 views · Computers & Tech

How to tell if a girl likes you or if she is not interested in you?

So their is this one girl in my class and she is not a student she is like a student intern and their are about 5 people in my class. Some have left, but anyways she helps people out except me and she laughs at students jokes if something is funny and ...

27 views · Education & School

does this poem sound good

gold is valuable, in addition maluable, silver is powerful, it can hold down demens and the supernatural , as a werewolf , im subdued by it, I can tell though , your infected without being bit, it takes one touch to show, what I already know, your my s...

41 views · Art, Writing & Literature

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