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How do I get my voice back

I have been cheering for my school athletics contest and now I cant sing

Plese help me sing again

31 views · Health

Recording my voice..podcasts...

How can I record me saying something on a microphone, and put it on my computer onto itunes, to a podcast? I need a microphone to my computer?

10 views · Computers & Tech

What is the best thing for your voice?

I am in chores and my voice has be screechy lately and wont stop im a good singer but I don't know what to do for it???<<<>>>

42 views · Music

How can I get a raspy voice

Does anyone know how I can get a raspy/ hoarse without smoking and stuff like that my voice now is kinda raspy but not that much

165 views · Health NSFW

How Do I Make My Voice Like Fred's (Youtube)

See I want to make my voice like his and I don't know how can someone help me tell me how I ccan do it

69 views · Computers & Tech

Does anyone else talk in a different voice when speaking to your pets?

i my voice gets all high when im talking to my dogs haha

48 views · Pets & Animals

Who knows if guitar center gives lessons?

Does guitar center give lessons? I talked to two of my friends and they are both saying different things. O.o

5 views · Music

Where can I find some websites on good spell casting lessons?

I want to learn how to spell cast for real but can't find the right website. Does anybody know where i can find some good websites on good spell casting lessons?

11 views · Computers & Tech

Percussion lessons

Does anyone know who or where I can go to to receive some good lessons,I think I know enough by myself but now I want to go a little higher.

4 views · Music

Breaking voice

Ok im 13 and I think my voice is changing but im not sure mt throut has been a bit help

37 views · Health

Why can't I make a voice clip?

I use windows live messenger 2009 and it won't let me do a voice clip to my friend, what's wrong?

10 views · Computers & Tech

Why does my iPod make my voice sound different?

My iPod makes my voice sound bad whenever I record a video of me singing. But my phone and my friends phone don't.

26 views · Computers & Tech

Who know the price for figure skating lessons?

Does anyone no the prices for figure skating lessons at sky dome coventry? I really need to now!!?? xx

16 views · Sports & Activities

What is Visual Voice Mail?

Ever since I got this new cell phone I have noticed that on my voice mail options it has 'Visual Voice Mail'. What is that? Does anyone know?

12 views · Computers & Tech

Will voice change for girls?

Im 13 years old and my voice is quite low. It also, "break" everytime when Im talking. Will girls voice change???

43 views · Health

Scream Voice

How do people sing the scream voice - Say like The Distillers, Flyleaf etc. I sing but don't know what to do to even attempt to get this voice.

29 views · Music

Is there a good site for free dancing lessons?

I wannaq learn to dance because im really shy and im not sure about my moves...

13 views · Computers & Tech

Soothing voices

What song(s), or musical artist(s) calm you down/sooth you?

2 of my musical arists are "Norah Jones, and John Mayer."

11 views · Music

What are some good songs for second soprano voices?

I need a few for youtube and stuff. Songs titles and websites appreciated. :D

34 views · Music

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