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How does a sea sponge differ from a plant?

How does a sea sponge differ from a plant? I read a vegetarian book and it said that they're animals, but I can't see how.

37 views · General Knowledge

Is this plant dead?!

My wife is telling me that this plant is only "hibernating" and that she didn't kill it. I don't think that trees hibernate and my wife kills every plant she touches. So for the record: Is this plant dead?

34 views · Home & Garden

Does music help a plant grow

I am doing a science fair project I need to know what music works the best

55 views · Home & Garden

How long for a bean plant to sprout?

about how long will it take my bean seed to hatch.
it not in soil it is in wet cotton.

22 views · Home & Garden

how can i get the game Plants Vs Zombies online for free without the free trial?

( exp: torrent downloads)

14 views · Gaming & Games

Do dead stalks mean I should cut down my rubber plant?


61 views · Home & Garden

How can I save a frosted rubber tree plant?

A friend moved to Germany and her son put her rubber tree plant outside and it got frosted. What can I do to save it?

187 views · Home & Garden

Why are tips of rubber plant 9ft tall going brown?

Why are tips of rubber plant 9ft tall going brown and why wont old leaves grow back?

44 views · Home & Garden

Rapid growth of plants

A bamboo plant grows 15 centimeters in 4 hours. At what average speed does the plany grow

44 views · Science

How many times per week should I water my plant?

My money tree plant leaves is brown and dropping off and I don't know what to do.

150 views · Home & Garden

Can I cut my rubber tree plant into smaller parts?

In order to split my rubber tree up and repot, can I just cut it in 4 different pieces?

240 views · Home & Garden

What does the number of stomata have to do with the amount of light a plant is exposed to?

What are elodea leaves? as you can see im not a good researcher.

13 views · Education & School

Whats the punishment for retail theft

If you are 18. Less than $150 dollars. First time offense. Shoplifting.

38 views · Politics & Law

What is the "sales target' for a retail clothing worker?

Meaning what amount of revenue are they suppose to bring in or sell in a day/week?

45 views · Jobs & Money

Does rubber come from a rubber tree plant?

I thought that rubber was a man made substance but someone told me that it came from a tree called a rubber tree plant. Is this true?

99 views · Home & Garden

Rubber tree plant dangerous to my cat and border collie

My boss just gave me a rubber tree plant. I was wondering if it is dangerous to my main coon cat and my mixed border collie?

103 views · Home & Garden

How often to water a Chinese Money Plant?


I recently purchased the above plant and was wondering how often I should water it ?

It is kept indoors (office)


92 views · Home & Garden

How to set a light timer for plants?

I have been left with some plants. Everything is set up correctly. But I wanted to put them on a timer for the lights. How much light do they require per day?

41 views · Home & Garden

What Excually Is Administration in Retail ?

What excually is Administration in Retail - Businesses?? Like what do they have to do??
what Does Admin Actually Mean?
Checking The Record of books?? of what came in and whats been sold?

72 views · Jobs & Money

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