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What other service can I get instead of Netflix?

I have heard that netflix dont have Dexter and also they wont have starz so i think there is nothing good to watch there do you any other service better than netflix that you can suggest me tell me please thank you.

10 views · Entertainment

What to add for a description on my website for childcare services called little ducklings

I made a website fit my childcare center and now I'm completely clueless what to add in all the blank spaces. My center is called little ducklings. Please help

18 views · Computers & Tech

Is a contract food service provider in the commercial sector or public sector?

I am studying the hospitality industry and I'm kind of struggling with this particular section, help would be appreciated :)

13 views · Jobs & Money

What are some good community services that a person can do by there self?

It needs to be something I can do by myself and get alot of hours for it and still be able to have an adult signature saying I did it, it's for NHS. It also needs to be creative.

18 views · General Knowledge

FunAdvice Trivia: On December 26, 1917 the U.S. Government took over what services during World War I?

A) The coal mines
B) The salt mines
C) The gold trade
D) The railroads

11 views · FunAdvice Community

How do I know which processes to end in "currently running services" in Win Vista?

My freakin laptop is working way to hard right now. I just did a factory reset and now it is runing slower than before. Help!!!

5 views · Computers & Tech

Michael jacksons funeral service

Hi, you guys just wondering am I the only one who realised that during michael jackson's memorial thats his dad joe was the only family member who didnt show any remorse whatsoever...

37 views · Entertainment

Is it true that once your 16 social services cant get involved with you anymore, or is it till 18?

This girl told me that once your 16 they stop and they dont take you away from your perents and stuff like that, is it true?

48 views · Parents & Family

Why the news tell me that i can lose my cable service if im paying for it?

I have to wait until eleven tonight to know, but if im paying for that service, why they will cut my cable the news never say something good to hear like there would be a better service. News are always bad news.

25 views · Computers & Tech

where can I go for community service recognition???

hi, im going to be a sophmore in highschool and I did 30 hours of community service this summer. my school does not provide any recognition and im wondering does anybody know where I can go to get a certificate proving I did community service???

I ...

25 views · Education & School

Computer and Laptop Sales and Service in Hosur do u need?

Best Laptop Service Center in hosur, Fast and Reliable Place to Get your Laptop and Computer Repair. Used Laptops and Desktop Sales at affordable and at Best Prices available at Silicon Systems and Services

7 views · Computers & Tech

Who thinks Google's new "Calls from Gmail" service will profoundly improve their users statistics?

The service has started rolling out - if you don't have a Gmail account, do you plan to get one now? If you already have one, do you think you'll use the service? What do you think this will mean for other similar services like Skype?

13 views · Computers & Tech

sim card says limited service

i bought a new sim card for my orange pay as you go because i kept getting dodgy calls so i wanted to change my number. when i put it in it says LIMITED SERVICE? why is this does anyone know?

71 views · Computers & Tech

Can you put a regular cell phone service chip in a prepaid phone?

I dropped my cell phone in water, on accident. The people who pay for my phone told me to buy a GoPhone (prepaid) and put my regular chip in. And it'll work like my other cell did and I won't have to pay for prepaid minutes. Is that true?

95 views · Computers & Tech

Should all military veterans be treated equal regardless of time in service, location of duty station, and deployed or not?

I have received a lot of greif on the fact that I was never actually deployed over seas, and the fact that I was only in for 2 years.
What is your opinion?

46 views · General Knowledge

What is your opinion on the government now giving out free cellphones and service to people on welfare and foodstamps?

They have started a new program where people who are on welfare and foodstamps can qualify to recieve a free cellphone and free service...its ridiculous to me. I have no problem with tax dollars going to help people in need with nessacities, but cellph...

32 views · Politics & Law

What is a good cellphone service virgin mobile or boostmobile?

I talk hmm I cant say im a HUGE talker but I do talk & I love texting...but I don't know which is a better uh service and what type of plan to get... any ideas..please?!?!?!

39 views · Computers & Tech NSFW

Service dogs

I need help I do not travel and im trying to get a disability service dog .. I have not good balance I have ceasers and I have memory problems and mobility issues I live in phoenix arizona if anyone can help pls pls respond ty

28 views · Health

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