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How is it legal for my friends husband to do this?

My friend found out today that her husband has been talking to this other girl that he knew in college for a while now. He even has an account with a dating site and a fake FB. (I know you don't like us mentioning FB but he does) Anyways she told hiim ...

28 views · Love & Relationships

Do you believe a newborn child is born with certain traits or personalities or do you believe everything is taught (more)?

do you believe a person is born with their own individuality or is it something they pick up through peers or taught through their parents? What about psychopaths or sociopaths; is it learned? or inborn?

I've seen a similar question and most people ...

48 views · Kids

I want to take an invitation to an event?

but I don't want anyone but the individual welcoming me to know that I've accepted, and may be attending. However the moment I click 'attend', it appears on my walls post and on the news feed for all buddies to see. How do I maintain this private?

17 views · Computers & Tech

Who knows the facts on Cannabis?


I've been getting mixed facts on Cannabis, I've been wondering just how harmful it is to the average individual. Also, I've read that weed contains carcinogens, not the weed itself but the smoke produced from burning plant matter.

So can so...

12 views · Health

Advice about rape

Im 18yrs old and I went through being raped when I ws 7-8 by my cousin but sometimes I feel that itg is just a movie that plays inside my head,and im starting counselling next week but I dont know how to tell my mum

23 views · Love & Relationships

Any ideas for helping equality

Im thirteen and supposed to do something for eaquality or else my grade is a F. Plus I'm outraged that many people will not appreciate differences in individuals.

So what can a thirteen year old do to help Gay rights/eaquality?...(I hope I'm spellin...

43 views · Politics & Law

What kind of bullying do you think is worse, physical or mental (emotional) and why?

A very interesting debate with a lot of back up facts on each side. Do you think physical (fighting) is worse (in terms of emotional scarring and just making the individual feel bad) or do you think mental bullying is worse? Eg: calling names, mind gam...

44 views · General Knowledge

Where can an ex-felon work?

I have a 2003 felony conviction ; I just recently graduated from truck driving school. I did not know it would be this hard to find a job. Most companies are looking for individuals who have not had any convictions within five years or more (thats ...

203 views · Jobs & Money

Where do I buy the dresses celebrities where on the red carpet?

I have a prom coming up and I want an amazing dress. I dont care about the price. I have gone to blooming dales, saks, everywhere but their all just tacky bcbg! And I dont have time to go to all the individual disigner stores! Where do the celebreities...

103 views · Shopping

Why do people think blondes look slutty?

Okay, I'm blonde..My natural colour anyways.. And I was just wondering why people label blondes as:

1. look and dress the same
2. have no individuality
3. and slutty

Because I'm not like that. a lot of my friends how are blonde are not. Theyre are s...

138 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

Should I leave my boyfriend of 7 months?

We live together and we can have a ton of fun together but we really arent that compatible... I consider myself to be an intelligent individual and he is a complete idiot, and totally lazy. It REALLY bothers me. I don't know if I should end this now be...

10 views · Love & Relationships

What to do if your parents are forcing religion onto you?

You can look at my status update for more info but I'm pretty much agnostic and my parents are super christian. After what has happened with my boyfriend and pot they are forcin me to go to church more and into Christian counseling and youth group. And...

65 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

What should I do about math class?

I am getting tutored from 3 different sources: my math teacher, the other math teacher when mines not available and a website. I am taking algebra in 8th grade because I took 8th grade math in 7th grade and skipped 7th grade math completely should I as...

21 views · Education & School

What should I weigh?

I'm about 5'11 and female..I don't know if age matters or not, but how much should I weigh? I'm very confused, nothing's accurate. Some things say I'm fine and some underweight. I need the most accurate thing I can find. And I can't go to a doctor beca...

25 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Why do people have to give you a title?

Just a simple question- but one that bugs me.

I have an individual style- I mostly wear black and like rock music. As a ersult of this I have been given the title of an 'emo'

I hate having a title- not that I have anything agaisnst emo's or anyth...

102 views · Love & Relationships

Is PayPal not paying PTC payments?

Over the past few weeks I have read various postings and articles where individuals have said that PayPal has indicated that they will either be closing accounts that get paid with PTC programs or they will not be paying monies from PTC programs into P...

36 views · Jobs & Money

Can I link to a folder in Dreamweaver?

Is it possible to link to a folder in Dreamweaver as opposed to a file. I have a folder with a bunch of images and I want the user to click on the link to open that folder rather than linking them individual on a page. When I preview the page on my l...

22 views · Computers & Tech

Herpes and boyfriend

Hi---I really need boyfriend recently had a physical examination and the doctor told him that it looked like he had genital herpes, but he also had a blood test to confirm whether or not he actually has it but results haven't come in yet unti...

46 views · Love & Relationships

How do I move my things to the other side of the country?

I'm planning on moving out to Nevada within the next two months and yet I have no idea how I'm going to move my things out there. Should I ship each box out individually or is there a more efficient (and cost-effective) way of transporting my things? ...

38 views · Travel

Why is he so angry?

Maybe if I knew why my dad and brother get so angry I could try and fic it!!! My mom wants them to go to counselling, but their not going to like that! How can they calm their anger of the littlest things??? My grampa passed it down to my dad and my da...

42 views · Parents & Family

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