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How do I make my mother leave me alone?

How do I make my annoying mother leave me alone?

I have nothing to hide from her, yet she is continuously on my case. The option of moving out has been terminated due to the fact that I'm not old enough to live out on my own. The woman is bloody an...

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What's wrong with me- am I becoming a paedophile? Please, please help me, I'm so scared.

This is a really serious issue to me and I've been utterly torn up about it. Of the ones who know, my friends, my family, even my school counsellor (I’m 16) refuse to accept that I have an actual issue because they know me and only see the best. Please...

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Has anyone else gone through this guilt of existance?

This has been on my mind for about a year, eating me.Thought it would be easier posing this question online than people I know.
It begins 5 years ago,when I met this girl in high school.She was perfect, smart,beautiful,funny but a bit nuts.She was obse...

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Anorexia - Is this dangerous?

There are many questions asked on this site about anorexia. Hopefully, the following advice will answers some of those questions:

Dangers of Anorexia

Reprinted from Anorexia Nervosa: A Guide to Recovery
By Lindsey Hall & Monika Ostroff

Anorexia he...

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Rating (1-10) on the beginning of my story?


"Are we there yet?" I know I'm a little old to ask stupid questions, but I feel as if it's my duty. My name's Lizzie Joanson and today I'm moving to a new house. I'm sandwiched in the back seat of the car ...

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So was I really molested?

a couple of years.I didn't really have a sexually active mind at nine and ten but when eleven hit!Wow!I started thinking about any kind of sex and by the time of twelve,it got a lot worse.I think the first time I had watched porn was when I was probabl...

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Why am I always curious what my boyfriend is doing?please help??!?

Im 14 , and my boyfriend is 19. I know it is a big age difference cause im very young and it is illegal but please do not judge me or make harsh comments. So, I met my boyfriend at a highschool football game. By the way, im in 8th grade, and he is a fr...

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my book "numbered on an island"

what do you think of my story so far? this is numbered on an island.
Chapter 1 A little disagreement
"Zzzz SNORT !"
Oh just David, gosh his snore could kill Goliath!
"Ner!Ner wake-up!Come-on Ner!" I called, trying not to wake her too harsh...

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Does my shy crush like me back?

I'll try to keep this simple because I could end up typing to much without a point.
Thanks for reading and I hope someone replies :D

Well I'm 17 and in grade 12. So I like a guy in my one of my classes, he sits next to me(because of a setting plan ...

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Why doesn't anyone care?

I'm getting pretty fed up with this country and all. I don't like how it's working. I just hate being able to voice my opinion and have it not get listened to. I hate knowing that everyone has the same opinion about how this entire country is messed...

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I just need someone to listen and some advice

first I'm going to say this is long and if you want to help me read it all.
and sorry for the spelling/grammer

First I’m(Braden) 15 about to be 16. In the past 3 ½ months my life has went from great happy go lucky to crap. First I found out my dad...

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Should I quit my study? Kinda long...

Ok so I am studying automotive engineering, just a pretrade course.
It is a very fast intense course, that goes for a year. My goal is to become a motorcycle mechanic, and I NEED the pretrade for it.

There is a problem. Well more than one. The first i...

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May have finally found "the one" but I'm already in a relationship

I have been in a nine year relationship with a man. We are not married, nor do we have children together. I have a 12 year old from a previous relationship. we live together, but thats where the "relationship" ends. there is no romantic love, maybe ...

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What is the conflicts of this story? Please help!!!?


Squire tells the story of Keladry of Mindelan's years as a squire, between the ages of fourteen and eighteen. Having passed the "big examinations", Kel becomes a squire without a knight-master. While she becomes frustr...

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My boyfriends mom thinks I am not right for her son

I have been dating my boyfriend for about 3-4 months now(sorry I am not a counter) anyways I thought his mom liked me up until last night... Kevin had just gotten out of a serious 4 year relationship in which he was engaged to the girl and she was jobl...

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I think my sister and female relatives came to take my place?

I need your advice on what to do. I have something serious to tell you. My whole family keeps treating me bad and starting trouble with me. But then when it gets to my younger sister they call her cute and buy her expensive brand name clothes and desig...

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i dedicate this song to u:ately I've been hard to reach, I've been too long on my own

Everybody has a private world where they can be alone
Are you calling me? Are you trying to get through
Are you reaching out for me, like I'm reaching out for you?

I'm just so fuckin' depressed, I just can seem to get out this slump
If I could ju...

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Who wants to complete this?

1red rose or white?
2salt or pepper?
3pink or blue?
4hamburgers or hot dogs?
5music or movies?
6comedy or horror?
7action or adventure?
8summer or winter?
9sun or stars?
10hott or cute?
11walk or run?
12funny or romantic?

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Is she jealouse, what is wrong with her?!?!?!

I know this girl, were not particuly close in the manner of hanging out all the time, or at all for that matter. We've become "online" friends for sometime now. We do seem to have a lot in common (although I find it hard to tell when she is not acting...

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Could someone give me some help on my personal statement?

This is for my application to university. You may not be a University admissions officer or an expert in psychology (if you are that's a bonus) but if you could give me any tips on how to improve this then it would be great. There may be a few grammati...

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