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How do I download Free Music

How can I download free music without buying them from ITunes cause I am broke and without downloading Lime Wire

15 views · Music

How to get a network on the PS3?

How do you get Network on the Playstation 3 if you don't have anything to plug the Ethernet cable into ?

41 views · Gaming & Games NSFW

who has suffered from braces ?

I am right now and it sucks every time they put a tighter wire. =[

14 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

how to display the tv to computer what software do you use?

i have all the cables hooked in the back of the cpu but what software do i use???

10 views · Computers & Tech

Will this affect my at&t internet?

Hiyaaa :]
I have at all three services;
Phone, internet and cable.
I make a lot of international calls so my bill is insane :o
So I wanted to switch to vonage,
I still want to keep my internet and cable but just disconnect the phone service, my mommy ...

13 views · Computers & Tech

My Breast Hurts

am 15 and my breast hurts sometimes what does it mean?
does it mean that i have cancer or somethin else coz am wired!!

58 views · Health

How to download music from limewire to my device?

Okay I have an Lime Wire account but I don't know what to go to,to download the music to my device

27 views · Computers & Tech

Question about bras

Is it possible that a wired bra can stop the circulation of your breast or minimize its growth?

23 views · Health

BlackBerry Curve 8310 music?

I have a BlackBerry Curve 8310 and need to know how to get music on my phone with a USB cable, and where do I get the music at for it?

50 views · Computers & Tech

How do I move pics from cell phone to laptop?

Trying to move my pics from blackberry flip to my laptop, how do I do that with usb cable?

45 views · Computers & Tech

TV in 2009

Is it true that in 2009 you will have to at least have cable to watch TV, and you cant get it for free?
Wats up with that??

9 views · Entertainment

Put music in a movie with windows movie maker?

How do I put music in a video on windows movie maker?
I have lime wire. so yea..

20 views · Computers & Tech


I am trying to put muisc on my phone from my computer, I have a memory card, the cable, when I huck the cable up a little box pops up I click were it says folder, and it gose to some files, like muisc, videos,exs, now what do I do when it got there?

47 views · Computers & Tech

Not sure were to ask this one.

I baught a cd player for my 1998 Ford Taurus, I had to buy a installation kit for it, it came it some wires for the heat and all that. We got it all hooked up excpet when it came to hookin the cd player up it didnt come with the harness. We decided to ...

11 views · Computers & Tech

Lapatop hook up to TV

I have a Dell lap top and it has USB ports on the back of it. I want to hook it up to my tv to watch online movies, but I am not sure what type of cable I need. I already have a APEX DVD player that plays my DVD's and I have Time Warner Cable. I al...

41 views · Computers & Tech

How good are Samsung Toccos?

How good are Samsung Toccos?
-Do they have a hold button which is good so you don't accidently call people?
-Do they come with a USB cable?

5 views · Computers & Tech

Are there any jobs in Dallas, Texas that hire convicted felons?

Are there any jobs in Dallas, Texas that hire convicted felons? Telecommunications in particular.
If so, Could I have a list of those employers?

67 views · Jobs & Money

new channels are for real.

I dont need to put the dtv box because I have basic cable is very basic but I can see the local channels and a few cable channels without problems, but I have heard that if you put the box you can get new channels like after 4 you get 4.1 and 4.2 is th...

14 views · Computers & Tech

DTV Digital to Analog converter

Has anyone used the converter box yet...I have it and it really stinks...I heard that you can run your tv cable to other tv' that true? How frustrating it will be for people who can't afford the pricy cable bill just to watch tv...what a disater...

11 views · Computers & Tech

What can I do to make my mouth feel better after getting braces?

I am new at the whole braces situation and I don't know what to do the wire is bothering my left cheek a lot, every time I open my mouth to talk should I put wax on the wire? Please help.

82 views · Beauty & Style

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