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Can an executor make you get home insurance?

I recently inherited a home (the one I have been living in my whole life). The executor of the will, who is also the lawyer is trying to make me get home insurance. I cant afford it right now and Im moving in a couple months anyways. Can he do this? He...

21 views · Politics & Law

Should we be worried?

My dad wrote this note to my mom on Facebook, should we be worried about him?(my parents are still together, he just wrote it on there when she was at work and I was at my friends house)

"just a note to say how sorry I am for all of this if I could I ...

13 views · Parents & Family

Are teachers given enough respect?

To me teachers are not given the respect they deserve why is that?firstly students dont see them as parents and I think this is caused by government their work is not appreciated anymore even though they are the ones that bring up lawyers,nurses even o...

48 views · Love & Relationships

I'm 8 weeks preg. And the babys father left


I am 19 years old and I am over 8 weeks pregnant. The baby's father I guess couldn't handle the situation so he has left me. I plan to keep the baby anyway because I don't really believe in abortion much. But I think my family will disown me ...

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Can a lawyer/executor sell our house?

Hi, and thanks for reading my question. I hope you can answer it.
My grandfather passed away and in his will he had left his 3 granddaughters a house. The lawyer who is also the executor says that it is him that has to list our house, we are not allo...

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Private numbers on a cell phone

I can't go to any of my local authorities b/c the problem involves them and I have contacted my provider but they can't do anything but change my number and I have already had it changed 3 times. These private calls are not only calling me but all 5 of...

73 views · Computers & Tech

Should I adopt my friend's child?

I was friends with this woman years ago and had chosen to "step away" from the friendship because there was a lot going on. She became addicted to drugs and had several babies by different men. She and I spoke yesterday for the first time in over a yea...

28 views · Parents & Family

Does this sound like food or morning sickness?

I had two bad queasy spells late last month and yesterday I had ate supper at Red Lobster and felt fine , but then I woke up at 2am with a bad case of nausea and starting puking at 2:30. But everytime I would smell the trash can that I puked in, it ma...

27 views · Health

What can I say to my dad to make him stop thinking of suicide?

My dad recently got layed off so it's caused so much stress in my home because he's the main provider. He's been trying day and night to get a job, I've been with him through this and he's making such an effort. Anyways today I found out we are up for ...

15 views · Parents & Family

How to be a fashion designer and make clothes?

Ever since I was a little girl I have always loved fashion. Whether it was dressing up my dolls to wanting to be a model (which I would really love to do) I always knew that I would like to go into a career involved the fashion industry. I mean I do ha...

28 views · Jobs & Money

How can I live with these psychotic parents?

So mi parents were divorced for a while and there was a big fight between mi mom's side and mi dad's side of the family. Now mi parents are back together (they wasted a year of mi life with their problems) but everything is different. Mi grandma used t...

46 views · Parents & Family

How do I handle that my boyfriend is in jail?

In January my boyfriend went to jail. He might be getting out in May. I've done everything for him. I've gone to all his court dates, put money on my phone so we can talk, I write to him, send him pictures, visit him every week, put money on his books ...

47 views · Love & Relationships

What all would I have to provide the courts to become emancipated?

Okay. I am 16 years old. I currently live with my grandma. I have lived with my mom(Tammy) most of my life. Tammy and I get along sometimes but not all the time. She has always jumped men and houses with the men. So in March she decided to move again a...

20 views · Parents & Family

Professor with a felony?

I am 24 and I am currently facing some felonies for marijuana possesion, delivery, and felony possesion of morphine (even though it ws just one pill). This is my first offense, I have a good lawyer and we're working to get charges amended. Hopefully I ...

192 views · Jobs & Money

Songs for upcoming movie?

I'm doing a school report about a book. The book is about a little boy who was raped and didn't speak for a long time. They didn't know who the rapist was. First, the mom thought it was the dad and kicked him out. The boy got worse. They did a semen sa...

42 views · Music

What do you think of these assessments ?

What do you think of these assessments ?

Isn't it amazing that during the mad cow epidemic our government could track a single cow, born in Canada almost three years ago, right to the stall where she slept in the state of Washington? And, they tr...

36 views · General Knowledge

How: What and how should I tell them?

I know its long but I would really appreciate the help please. Well let me tell you the situation here first. I was living with a abusive, mentally insane EX- mother for most of my life. There was a climax in the situation in September of '09 to where ...

15 views · Parents & Family

Need a name for my female lead

I just started a new short story and I need a name for my female lead. Because I only just started the story, I can't give you much information about her. (Sorry). She's 20 (ish) and was studying law at uni when she met an art student named Max. They f...

19 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Is getting a university degree the only way?

Ok my question is why do people say that graduating and getting degrees is the only way to set your life?My dad did all of that and was a college honor student and the best paying job he actually got was 26 $ an hour!With everything he went through he ...

27 views · Education & School

Felony question

I currently have a felony pending when I got out on bond I never returned to the small town that I was charged I got hired shortly thereafter at a collection agency and have worked there the last 2 years I have not been contacted since by the police or...

18 views · Jobs & Money

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