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Am I right that an*l sex is wrong and can make you bleed inside?

my girlfriend wants me to have an*l s*x with her she has even bought lube for me to use on her but i dont want to do it anytime as i think that an*l s*x is wrong as it could lead to internal bleeding, am i right??

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What are some important points to note for a really good Individual Oral Commentary(read more)?

im i student of the international baccalaureate and i have started with the individual oral commentary. i have not been getting good grades. what are some good methods for a world class individual oral commentary?

14 views · Sex

How to author Blu-Ray audio?

I want to use BD as a long-playing CD. I have an external Pioneer BDP-320 Blu-Ray Player and an internal BD drive.

44 views · Computers & Tech

In labour or not?

I am 41weeks pregnant I have been on and off in labour for 3days now, I have had my internal exam and I am 1cm dialted, despite what my midwife says I am worried if this is normal to be having contractions and how long should it take now for me too dia...

21 views · Health

How is Ziami Performance and Dealing

Ziami is an international fashion company which produces hand tailored clothing. As Ziami was not satisfied with the clothing companie sof USA. So they start their own barnd named as Ziami. Has anybody uses clothes produced by ziami. How is their deali...

16 views · Shopping

tweak to make my internet faster

sir I have a adsl connection of internet, and my speed is very slow ! can you give some tip to make my interne tfaster during bwosing and downloading without using a software booster?
or upgrading technology?

58 views · Computers & Tech

What you think understand this poem?

(do you understand this poem?)
Internal mirror
Meaningless and unthought-of of is my life.
No need to continue living.
I make an effort to reach out to others.
Yet I am unheard.
I just stand compared and viewed as obsolete.
Tired of tr...

12 views · Art, Writing & Literature

How do I find out the origin of text messages?

I have been receiving weird text messages from a number that has fifteen digits. How would I find the origin of that number? The number is 011-336-249-64843. I know that 011 is an international code, but am confused as to the logic of or reason for ...

289 views · Computers & Tech

How can I apply jobs for canada? Is there anyone can help me plsss?

I was looking hotel or restaurant jobs for canada, is there anyone can help me to find recruitment agencies or sites for international applicant? I am currently working in Doha,Qatar.
Pls help me.


56 views · Jobs & Money

Which website is best for travel tickets?

Which travel site is best for travelling locally or internationally: Travelocity, Expedia, or Orbitz? I have used Expedia once and Orbitz once but I never really compared the two at the time. I have a vacation coming up from work and I thought I shou...

12 views · Travel

Where should I shop on vacation in Orlando, FL?

Im going on holiday to orlando but staying on international drive.
i was wondering if anybody could tell me where i could find great shopping.
Big brand shops and small boutiques for one of things.

28 views · Shopping

Where can I buy Xx-hi converse in the Uk?

Ok, so I want some xx-hi converse and when I finally got enough money I realized the site I was going to buy them from don't ship them internationally, anyone know where else I could buy them from instead?

63 views · Shopping

Did anyone else watch this channel?

IMF (International Music Feed). It was owned by Universal before it got canceled. It was supposed to be the next big thing like MTV. Universal had a whole campaign planned before it got bought over.

23 views · Entertainment

wacha think?

if only I could hold you tight
if only I could kiss you good night
then we could walk into the light
thus wining this internal fight

the rarity of love
such as the preciousness of a dove
hurts so much more
When yearning to score

8 views · Love & Relationships

Will my order be shipped to Canada?

On the mailing site, I put my address and everything and I put Canada, dont worry. It showed me my shipping address and all that, which was all correct. Afterwards it told me to chose which type of shipping id want to use, so I clicked USPS First Class...

38 views · General Knowledge

Help on psp internet setup x

hey I kinda have an idea on how to set it up becoz I ave followed the internet thingys and when I done it it says
An internal erroe has occurred. (80410A0B) what does this mean and can you please help on how to set it up thanks :) xx

14 views · Computers & Tech

Is this model white or black?

Her name is Marissa Raisor and she won the 2013 hooters international swimsuit pageant competition. I'm having a very hard time figuring out if she's African American or Caucassian, or something else entirely.

13 views · General Knowledge NSFW

How to wrap a sofa-bed for moving and storage with moving blankets?

Wrapping a sofa bed for moving with moving blankets requires some skill and experience. Sofas, and especially sofa-beds, are bulky and heavy furniture. If you do not have experience, wrapping a sofa bed with moving blankets...

21 views · Home & Garden

Hospital recovery time.

My friend got hit by a car on Saturday, but I have almost no way of finding out about him. I just know that he had surgery that day because of internal bleeding. he didn't have any broken bones or head injuries. from that information, about how many da...

12 views · Health

Grade 7 Entrance Exams (IPS)

im gonna go to IPS International Schools in Al-Khobar Saudi Arabia and they are going to give me an entrance exam. I wanna know:

*is it writing or talking
*what subjects they are going to give me
*what kind of things will they give me


179 views · Education & School

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