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High schools

High school drop out

What's the first word or image that comes to your mind when you hear the word drop out...

50 views · Education & School

How can I become less afraid of High school?

I'm not afraid of the social aspect, but more the workload?

28 views · Education & School

High school advice?

Im going into 9th grade abyone have any advice?? Is 9th grade hard??

45 views · Education & School

Cloths to were/ High school/ Style

Im a reenager kin high school. Im a guy kinna big. What kinna clothes should I wear?

17 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

Nervous about high school softball tryouts

im about to enter high school..I play softball..and im really nervous about tryouts..

48 views · Sports & Activities NSFW

How can teen moms earn their ged or high school diploma to ge

How can teen moms earn their ged or high school diploma to get a job?

23 views · Jobs & Money NSFW

What, is jewelry allowed in high school?

Are jewelry like long necklaces or bracelets usually allowed at a public high school?

71 views · Education & School

What is good speech topic for high school?

Can you please tell me what will be a suitable topic for a high school learner to write a speech on

171 views · Education & School

High school the new year

Okay so I just started high school not the best start so far, any wanna add to that?

7 views · Education & School NSFW

What kind of shoes do high school girls like?

What kind of shoes do high school girls like. I have sneakers but im wondering what else I should have.

74 views · Beauty & Style

Where can a high school kid buy condoms?

where can a high school kid buy condoms with out any questions. or parent concent? a certain store?

109 views · Shopping

High school with babies

Where are high schools that allow you to bring your child with you ? What state's and such ??? Details please...or website address

20 views · Kids

how can I get people to be my friend in high school

How can I meet new friends and how to get people to talk to me at the first day of high school.

35 views · Education & School

what is a good class to take in high school to become a teacher?

what is a good class to take in high school if you want to become a teacher or correctional officer?

11 views · Education & School

Tips for high school?

I am going into high school this year. What are some good tips for me, I would really appreciate anything!

23 views · Education & School

Is it bad to live with your boyfriend after high school?

My boyfriend wants to live together after I get out of high school. Give me some advice.

35 views · Love & Relationships

Keeping friends in high school commercial?

anyone see a commercial on "the n" about keeping your friends in high school? do you know more info about it?

15 views · Entertainment

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