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Fruit baskets

What fruits and veggies to plant and when?

I want to grow a farm this year but I dont know when to start planting or what all I can plant. I tried to find a good farming for dummies online but couldnt find one. Any one got any tips on what to plant, how to plant, and when to plant stuff, or kn...

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Can you give me some examples of metaphors comparing a fruit with a color?

I know I should be able to come up with a proper metaphor myself but I need a bit of help with a poem I'm writing. I hope you guys can give me some good ideas.

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What, Is the fruit diet a good diet?

k, so I heard people do the fruit diet. But is it a good diet and I dont mean is it healthy I know food pyramid save your keyboard a type. What I mean is it easy to do. Has anyone done it? If so how much in how long of time. Thanks so much!!!

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Is there some kind of fruit diet?

is there some kind of diet where all you eat is fruit?
cause I'm really about to just do it.
today I literally broke down & started crying to my mom that I didn't want to go to school because I felt like everything I put on I looked huge in.

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Replacing junk food with fruit

Instead of eating junk food,will eating fruit with its great amounts of fiber help to lose weight?
But then again.. it has sugar.
And I know once you consume sugar,after ten minutes it turns into fat,inless the energy(sugar)is used up.
But are fruit su...

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Any veggies or fruits that start with these letters?

Hi guys in my health class I have at my school we had a contest to see who can put down either a fruit or vegtable dow for each letter of the alphabet. Ok I need four more. I need I, U, V, and X. Any ideas on any fruits or vegtables that start with the...

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How to get my toddler to eat blended fruits?

My three and a half year old son doesnot like fruits.The only fruit he takes without complaining is apples.I want to be giving him blended fruits ,please if you are good in this tell me which other fruit should be mixed with avocado and bananas.

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What is a fruit and what is a vegetable?

Okay, question #1 what is a fruit? (the definition I found was a seed with an envelope and is eatable and comes from trees or from the ground
Question #2 is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? (it has a seed so I guess it is a fruit

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How do I get rid of fruit flies?

I have cleaned the garbage disposal. There isn't any food out (all dishes clean, fruit is ziplocked) counters have been sanitized (a couple times a day), my trashcan has a lid, and my potted plants are outside. I don't know what else to do... They jus...

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Christmas Basket Ideas?

I am putting a basket together for my boyfriends family this christmas. Im not sure what to put in it. So far I have got a christmas tin and plan in baking some cookies. He has his mom, dad, 13 year old sister and 17 year old brother. What else would b...

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Why isn't my cherry tree producing much fruit?

Last year my Cherry Tree (Bing) produced so much fruit we picked 4 to 5 gallon sized bags of fruit every night for weeks.. This year I picked everything I could reach in about 10 minutes and it fills 1/4th of a gallon bag. Does anybody know the reason ...

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How long will this fruit stay fresh if it's in a secure tub?

So I have work today but ofc, I'm on my diet. I have a small little tub with clicky bits on the side to make the box secure. I have just cut up a carrot, banana and an apple and placed it in the tub but how long will it stay fresh if it's in my bag for...

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What are the best fruits and vegetables to grow in the North West?

At the time being we have Peppers, Squash, Tomatoes, Chives, Pumpkins, Peas, Sweet peas, Apples, Cherries, and Pears. Quite a bit but none the less i'd like to expand what we grow next season. So i'm curious what grows best in this environment.

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How do I lose weight when I don't eat all fruits and veggies?

I'm 13, and I turn 14 in June, 2007, and I'm about 5 ft 3 and I weigh about 125lbs. I think I'm overweight, but my friends say I'm not. I'd like to lose about 10 lbs or so, and I'd like to have skinnier thighs, but I don't know how to do it. I don't li...

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HELP how to get rid of fruit flies!??!

I was away for 3 days,I came home,and My room is COVERED in fruit flies,Its rediculous.
I just got done super cleaning my room,I took out all the dirty dishes,the dirty laundry,everything,and Im about to vaccuum the floor.
but all the flies all landed ...

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New fruit drink ideas.

I need ideas of what you would like in a fruit drink. I'm supposed to design a new fruit drink, but just a plan for now.

1. I need a name
2. I need a unique idea for packaging.
3. Where's the best place to adveritse?
4. Best place to sell? Ex. school...

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Has anyone else tried fasting on fruit and vegetable juice?

Has anyone else tried fasting on fruit and vegetable juice? The other day, I got some advice here that said I should do that for a few days to shrink my stomach & remove toxins, etc. I'm trying to get rid of about 20 pounds I've gained this year from s...

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How can I convince my best friend to eat fruits and veggies?

She's overweight, and she's losing her pounds by months but, she doesn't like any type of fruits or veggies. Which is positively the main thing to have a happy healthy diet, yet she won't go forth to it/ Is there something I can make that has the nutri...

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Trying hard to lose weight, eating fruits & veggies, doing exercis

I have no clue what to do,
I am 180 lbs, and 5'9. I allways make sure to eat my fruits and veggies,and dance 3 times a week for 3 hours each time, then I work and go to school, and make sure I work out everdayfor 30 minutees to an hour,,...

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How can I put weight on when only eat vegetables, fruit and chips??

I eat 1 apple and 1 orange for my breakfast. Another apple for my dinner with a kiwi at 2pm. Then for my tea I have a fruit salad with apple cherrys orange kiwi and grapes then usually a banana after about 8pm. I weigh 5st 2ibs. I'm healthy aren't I?? ...

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