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Compatiable fish with a beta

can a beta get along with guppys or mollies

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What is fish food made of?

So? Whats it made of?
I heard its made of fish but I want to know for certain.
If it is made of fish, is there a fish food not made from fish?

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Is fish a meat?

is fish meat or is it just fish as I am a vegetarian people say that fish is meat and I souldnt eact it if im a vegetarian

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How many time do I feed my fish?

I have 3 gold fish and I dont know how many times do I feed my fish

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How do you know if a Betta fish is dead?

Please only Past Betta owners - professionals on fish

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Is it okay to eat cooked, dried fish during pregnancy?

in our culture, we are used to eat cooked dried that okay in pregnancy?

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How do I reheat fish sticks left over from previous night's d

How do I reheat fish sticks left over from previous night's dinner?

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Eat tuna fish right out of the can, is that bad?

When I was younger I used to eeat tuna fish right out of the can
I am doing it again!
Is this bad?!?!??!!!???

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Oscar fish

Can a oscar fish lay its eggs in some sort of sac instead of laying them with out one?

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What tropical fish can you keep in a bio-orb 30 litres

What tropical fish can you keep in a bio-orb 30 litres

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Can I put an algea eating fish in a small bowl with my beta fish?

the bowl is a starter kit with a small plant and gravel. It is pretty small but has enough room to put a divder in.

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Beta Fish and Compatible Fish.

I have a Beta Fish and was wondering which types of fish can survive with a beta. Beta are pretty mean and will attack other beta fish if they are put in the same tank.

There are some fish that can live with beta in the same tank but I don't know wh...

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Should I fish at Des Moines fishing pier?

Should I fish from the Des Moines fishing pier for salmon or from the beach by the Tacoma Narrows Bridge for salmon? Has anyone been to any of these places? Which one would you suggest? Also from the beach, I would be fly fishing and from the pier I wi...

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Friends for Fish

I wont to get a fish but, I would like it to have some fish friends. What fish work best in groups?

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