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How can I learn to play an electric guitar the fastest?

There's a talent show and I want to play my guitar and I just got it and I have no idea how to play all sites will help!!

29 views · Music

Electric cars

So give me all the info you know about electic cars please. All the way up to their prices and how they are made evryybit counts thatnks!

31 views · Cars & Automotive

How to became a famous electrical engineer?

I am suresh 20yr old...
I am doing b.e(engineering) final I to be came?

7 views · Education & School NSFW

Good store for painting supplies?

I want to know if anyone knows a good store to buy canvas and acrylic paints-at a good price?

18 views · Shopping

What transfers electrical impulses to muscles?

Would it happen to be electrical impulses? I'm not sure. Help? :]] School suck shool sucks school sucks <<<--- ignore.

172 views · Science

How can you make natural beauty supplies?

beauty tips?? Does ane body have like a really good beauty tip.. or like how to make natural beauty supplies from like fruits or sumtin? =]

37 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

What is easier to learn, electric guitar or acoustic?

hi well I want to learn to play electric and acoustic guitar but I was wondering which one was easier lol.
is electric trickier? thanks!

15 views · Music

Best brand of electric shaver?

What is the best brand of electric shaver? I am tired of shaving with a straight razor, and this year, am asking my wife for an electric shaver. So what's the best one? Norelco, braun, or?

145 views · Shopping NSFW

South africa , how will we survive without electricity?

How is our country going to survive without electricity? We are doing load shedding at the m0ment.does that mean we all have t0 m0ve 0verseas?

9 views · Travel

Piercings what supplies will I neeed for aftercare?

I've decided to get my monroe pierced along with myy bellybutton,,
What type of supplies will ii need for aftercare??

21 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

help/when no electric

what to do when electric goes off:due storm and I have turtles aquatic, and fish the fish need oxygen also have tortises what to do for heat?thanks

23 views · Pets & Animals

How much would DJ equipment cost?

If I wanted to start up by just playing small gigs for people at like parties or whatever. How much would all of the equipment cost?

34 views · Entertainment

What type of equipment can I use to record my own music ?

I'm trying to record my own music using my computer. what kind of software or programs can I use. I don't have a big budget.

9 views · Computers & Tech

How can you find the dealer cost on a vehicle?

I would like to find the dealer cost on a truck my wife wants to get, I usta have a friend that worked at the dealer, but he has since moved.

11 views · Cars & Automotive

How much does it cost for baby supplies?

Do you know how much diapers would cost,baby formula,and just supplies
For a baby.???

I tried looking on and target but it
Didn't have anything like that on there???!!!

31 views · Shopping

How do you pump gas if there is no electricity?

I'm talking about if there is a massive power outage, for several days or more. I've always wondered what they would do.

217 views · Science

What do you guys feel about adding lithium to the public water supply?

I found this on the Huffington post and well, I want to know what you guys think about it :)

18 views · Politics & Law

Electric collars

My aunt has to golden retrievers on the eletric collars and they mind really good and I was wondering if the had them for small dogs and how much the would be...

17 views · Pets & Animals

How much money would it cost on my electricity bill to run an Xbox?

How much money will playing an x box 4 an average of four hours a day put on my electric bill??

6 views · Jobs & Money

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