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How to survive a breakup

Getting over someone is hard. You've been dumped and the world is about to come to an end. Shorten the process and move on with your life with this free guide from Funadvice.


Am I a Nobody? Is it Me or Them??

I have never felt so left out of everything. I have came so far without friends and have Tried so much finding myself some, but when I try to meet them they immediately lose interest and ignore. What REALLY annoys me is when I find people I'd like to g...

21 views · General Knowledge

Why does my dad treat me so badly?

So i dont have a close relationship with my dad. We are always fighting about school,and how hes sick and tired of me failing. I go to a Charter School so i have policies to maintain. He doesnt understand how hard it is for me and everything in school ...

8 views · Parents & Family

Everything is going wrong for me..advice!!!

Its only been the first day of high school and I hate it! My classes are boring the teachers are horrible I have nobody with lunch. except for some people Ii know but I don’t care to see them. I think I’m just afraid to move on. I feel like I have so m...

42 views · Love & Relationships

How can I make some real friends?

Sadly, I know. But I really have no friends. I've tried one recently, but the best way to describe him is "A Boorish Drifter."

He moves around a lot and has a BunCH of Girlfriends and the last time I've seen him was probably back in June of this year...

27 views · Parents & Family

Am I smart enough to get into college?

OK, I dont have the best grades. I am always atleast an average student though. I am a senior in highschool and I am really worried about college. My english grades are ok but my math is absolutley AWFUL. I have been tutored and I've studied and stayed...

1102 views · Education & School

Not such a great survey, but okay!

What class do you have 4th period?Science
When was the last time you took a picture of yourself? Yesterday in wal mart. I have this weird thing for putting on glasses in the store and walking around pretending they're mine.
Who is your favorite band?...

11 views · Sex

What do I do when you've fallen for a girl that has a girlfriend?

Okay long story. I've met this girl 6months ago and we've always been friends, I'll call her G. After the first month I found out she had a girlfriend and she was a lesbian. When I met her I was straight straight, then I met a friend of hers, lets call...

49 views · Love & Relationships

Difference between Goth, Emo, & Metal Head. Any Questions?


I find it to be rather entertaining how people outside the Gothic subculture try to constantly examine & define us as if were some newly discovered creator. I probably find it even more humorous when ignorant people pose threatening gustiers to...

632 views · Beauty & Style

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