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Am I a Nobody? Is it Me or Them??

I have never felt so left out of everything. I have came so far without friends and have Tried so much finding myself some, but when I try to meet them they immediately lose interest and ignore. What REALLY annoys me is when I find people I'd like to g...

21 views · General Knowledge

Why does my dad treat me so badly?

So i dont have a close relationship with my dad. We are always fighting about school,and how hes sick and tired of me failing. I go to a Charter School so i have policies to maintain. He doesnt understand how hard it is for me and everything in school ...

8 views · Parents & Family

Everything is going wrong for me..advice!!!

Its only been the first day of high school and I hate it! My classes are boring the teachers are horrible I have nobody with lunch. except for some people Ii know but I don’t care to see them. I think I’m just afraid to move on. I feel like I have so m...

42 views · Love & Relationships

How can I make some real friends?

Sadly, I know. But I really have no friends. I've tried one recently, but the best way to describe him is "A Boorish Drifter."

He moves around a lot and has a BunCH of Girlfriends and the last time I've seen him was probably back in June of this year...

29 views · Parents & Family

Am I smart enough to get into college?

OK, I dont have the best grades. I am always atleast an average student though. I am a senior in highschool and I am really worried about college. My english grades are ok but my math is absolutley AWFUL. I have been tutored and I've studied and stayed...

1214 views · Education & School

Not such a great survey, but okay!

What class do you have 4th period?Science
When was the last time you took a picture of yourself? Yesterday in wal mart. I have this weird thing for putting on glasses in the store and walking around pretending they're mine.
Who is your favorite band?...

11 views · Sex

What do I do when you've fallen for a girl that has a girlfriend?

Okay long story. I've met this girl 6months ago and we've always been friends, I'll call her G. After the first month I found out she had a girlfriend and she was a lesbian. When I met her I was straight straight, then I met a friend of hers, lets call...

50 views · Love & Relationships

Difference between Goth, Emo, & Metal Head. Any Questions?


I find it to be rather entertaining how people outside the Gothic subculture try to constantly examine & define us as if were some newly discovered creator. I probably find it even more humorous when ignorant people pose threatening gustiers to...

645 views · Beauty & Style

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