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which store is the best in price, services, quality? LeMeats or Zappfresh.

I want to buy chicken online, So i want to know which store is best for raw chicken.

15 views · Food & Dining

Who provides good packers and movers service in Delhi?

I want to shift my house from Delhi to Ludhiana.So can any one suggest me the best packers and movers in Delhi.

24 views · Travel

What is the # 4 sony vio computer service?

What is the name for customer support for the laptops (sony vio) anyone know? Please and thnx

139 views · Computers & Tech

What are military services?

military services??
like what?
sorry im not really familiar with this military stuff this is the first time I've been with a military guy guy this long and have it become serious

12 views · General Knowledge

violating any youtube terms of service if I leave them up?

I have posted videos on youtube of myself and others which were posted over a year ago and consented by the other party. Now he is mad at me and demands that I remove them. Am I violating any youtube terms of service if I leave them up?

16 views · Computers & Tech

Hi, I'm working as a service desk engineer and I'm from India, is there any way I could get a job in USA or UK?

I want to get a job as a service desk engineer or any other job relevant to it in USA or UK, is there any way?

10 views · Jobs & Money

Do verizon cell phones get service in canada?

My boyfriend's going on a trip to montreal this weekend and we were wondering if his cell phone will work up there.

73 views · Computers & Tech

what are some good client service tips?

I have a fbla competition tommorrow and I've entered in the client service part and I need some tips about client service...I really wanna win 1st place

151 views · Jobs & Money NSFW

How can I get this temp service to pay what they owe me?

I have worked for a year through a temp service they have bounced several of my checks now I am 1,000 in debt and having a hard time getting them to fix this. I worked for them... What do I do?

40 views · Jobs & Money

Why cant I get financial aid I didnt apply to selective service?

Need federal grant but never applyed to selective service can I still get money to go to gollege

63 views · Politics & Law

What must I do transfer my cell phone service back to my old phone?

The phone I had got broken, the screen cracked and is now unreadable.I have my old phone which is identaical what must I do to cut my service on the broke phone and connect to old phone

27 views · Computers & Tech

What is "Sens Service" on your computer?

So, im on the System Administrator user on my computer.

my user wont work.
it says the Sens Service Cannot Connect.

Does anybody know what this is, so I can fix it?

Thank you, :).

107 views · Computers & Tech

my phone says limited service

my phone says limited service when i take the sim out of my phone and put it in another phone it works but when i put it back in this my phone still says limited service...why is my phone saying limited service and how can i get it to work beacuse i ca...

55 views · Computers & Tech

Branch of the Military Service.

If you was gonna go into the Military after school? Would it be.(A) The Marine Corps. or (B) The Navy. or (C) The Army. or (D) The Airforce.???

87 views · Jobs & Money

Can someone suggest some good free counselling by e-mail services?

A cousin of mine needs it. Please help if you happen to have any info. :)

5 views · Health

home phone /cell phone service

is there such thing as has free home phone service?or free long distance?what about a free cell phone-with some kind free service?like u can earn your minutes either way.i was told there was.

20 views · Shopping

Community service ideas?

Iam a long term kid and for me to get back into school I have to do 25 hours in commuity service I need ideas I have to have this finnsh soon
Pleace help me

42 views · Education & School

Which phone service is best - AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile?

Based on their phone, prices, and service??? Im looking to buy one with my bf but we dont know which company is best. Any suggestions can help :)

23 views · Computers & Tech

Postal Service - recycled air, album info

for teh life of me I just cant fiugure out which album this song comes off of. if anyone can work it out , please please please, let me know.

its a band called "postal service" song is called "recycled air"

11 views · Music

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