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Elderly companion services

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Where can i watch lip service online?

I live in Canada and BBC's website says i cannot watch because of my location, are there any other places where i can watch?

45 views · Entertainment

before I get a dish satelite service...

Does the satelite dish for TV need to be moved a second time because the satelite starts to move a little in the sky?

14 views · Computers & Tech

Will 911 provide escort services if you're too drunk to drive?

I saw this on reno 911 yesterday and i was wondering if it was possible.

22 views · General Knowledge

A turtle companion

I have a turtle and I think it's bored of being in its tank alone.

Should I get another turtle to it wont be as bored or should I buy something that so my pet wont be so bored of just sitting there?

15 views · Pets & Animals

If an elderly woman relies on a drug like Imodium to not defacate unknowingly,

is that time for adult diapers? At what point are adult diapers needed?

12 views · Drugs

what is a good prepaid monthly cell phone service that works almost anywhere?

I have metro PCS and it sucks.

28 views · Computers & Tech

why do people rape,kill or steal kids teens and elders?

...i mean i think its sick and deppressing that people do that=\ u?

45 views · General Knowledge

whats a good free web service?

I want to make my own website to show my art, what is a good free service?
For a real web page, not just a myspace,

7 views · Computers & Tech

Is an escort service like prostitution?

so, if you work for an escort service, are you required to sleep with the clients or do you just go on dates with them? and is it a well paying job?

47 views · Jobs & Money NSFW

How do you get hired by the Secret Service?

I’m really into government stuff and my favorite show is 24. I want to work for the Secret Service when I grow up. But how do you get hired by the Secret Service?

133 views · Jobs & Money

How to contact AOL Terms of Service Department?

Does anyone have a phone number or email address to contact the AOL Terms of Service Department. This would be greatly appreciated.

108 views · Computers & Tech

How can I get better service on my cell?

I have the HTC Droid Incredible from Verizon Wireless, and I don't have service in very many places. I especially don't at my house and that's where I want it most.

19 views · Computers & Tech

Suggestions for my elderly mother who cannot sleep?

My elderly (76 yr. old) mother cannot sleep. This has been going on for a couple months. It is effecting her health. Does anyone have any suggestions that work?

62 views · Health

which service is best?

im tired of my phone rite now so I want to know what phone service is best 4 me ? (sprint, alltel, verizon, cricket. . .etc.)?

8 views · Computers & Tech

Would a male or female companion be better?

I have a 10 month old female cockapoo (spayed) and would like to get her a playmate. Would a male or female be better?

30 views · Pets & Animals NSFW

Who provides good packers and movers service in Delhi?

I want to shift my house from Delhi to Ludhiana.So can any one suggest me the best packers and movers in Delhi.

24 views · Travel

What is the # 4 sony vio computer service?

What is the name for customer support for the laptops (sony vio) anyone know? Please and thnx

139 views · Computers & Tech

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