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Lice in room

How do you get ride of live if kids were sleeping in the room and 2 of them had lice how can you make sure none of it is in the room? How do you get rid of it for sure?

53 views · Health

Why is my room so stuffy?

My room is so stuffy!
I keep the windows cracked alomost always,
and the air conditioner is always on
but its so stuffy in my room.
will opening the windows and letting it air out help?

1755 views · Home & Garden

I need help organizing and cleaning my room

My room is probably the messiest room ever. I need help claeaning it but I don't know where to begin. Can anybody help!!!

46 views · Home & Garden

Where can I hide condoms in my room?

Where is a good place to put condoms that a parent would probably never look?

300 views · Health

Virtual Chat Room With NO Download?

Whats a fun chat website were you can create a virtual avatar with no download
besides Meez?

251 views · Computers & Tech

What's a decent chat room?

I've used ircd, but I'm looking for a simple 'chat room' to waste some time in. Pointers?

56 views · Computers & Tech

Why there is a red light in a room for developing camera film?

Why there is a red light in a room for developing camera film? It seems odd that light is bad, but red light is OK for film from an old school camera?

58 views · Home & Garden

Where is standing room only located at Keith Urban concert?

I'm wondering where the "standing room only" is located in the arena at Keith Urban's concert.

Any help would be appreciated!

40 views · Music

What is a saltwater room?

What is a saltwater room? I'm not sure if they are real or not, but if they are, what are they? And don't say, "A song by Owl City." I know this. I'm trying to figure out WHAT they are.

51 views · Science

room makeover

I am wanting to paint my living room with a red accent but Im not sure what color to paint the rest of the room. And my furniture is black

7 views · Home & Garden

How do I clean my room without it being so frustrating?

my room looks like a tornado hit it an I never can get it clean. does anybody have tips on how they clean there room and keep it clean???

67 views · Home & Garden

What is the room where doctors prep and wash their hands before they operate called?

Like on Grey's Anatomy where they wash their hands and put on gloves? What is that called?

13 views · General Knowledge

What are some good ways of getting rid of spiders in my room

without using any nasty bug bomb thing?

12 views · Home & Garden

Who all is in the room when giving birth?

Okay besides the surgen or doctor and the nurse who else is in the room looking while the babys coming out? And what is a midwife?

11 views · General Knowledge

Do mimes talk on the internet like in chat rooms?

Do mimes talk on the internet like in chat rooms? Or Msn cause I know I'd be pretty lonley not talking to anyone.

37 views · General Knowledge NSFW

what color should I paint my room?

I have orange sheets/curtains/comforter and I need to paint my room but I'm not sure whether I should paint the walls yellow or purple...what do you think?

46 views · Home & Garden

How do you say get out of my room in tagalog?

How do you say get out of my room in tagalog(pilipino) because my mum wont get out (shes admiring her hair in my big mirror)


77 views · General Knowledge NSFW

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