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What are the names of these song's (game)?

I'm gonna put some lyrics up and then 4 artist and your gonna guess who you think it's by and if you know the song you can put the title.
#1.people killing people dying children hurt you hear them crying if you practice what you preach could you turn t...

17 views · Music

Needs help on a spm song

Who knows the title of a spm (south park mexican) that goes

My niga cheif hitting harder than about to get yo starter I've been in south park sence welcome back carter charter to the plane holler at yo dam call me by my name get shot up in the bra...

151 views · Music

How can I tell my mom I am beginning to hate her boyfriend/husband?


NO i dont want to tell her "I hate Craig, mom". I just didnt know how else to word the title.

I dont know what to do. Im not going to list all the different reasons why Im beggining to hate him..I just ...

46 views · Parents & Family

What should I do to become independant from my father?

Well I'm 18 years old and I have a drunk father and a loving mother. For 18 years my dad has hurt me, my mother, and the rest of my family. I warned him that when I turned 18 that I would leave him if he wouldn't stop bringing whiskey in the house.I ha...

35 views · Parents & Family

Which appartment should I get?...

well here is the thing, I am 21 with a two year old daughter. Have not yet had my own place. I finally got a good job (an hour away from where I live) and am ready to get an apartment. I need a two bedroom b/c of my daughter. There are two I'm looking ...

14 views · Home & Garden

Here is the question, should I leave her?

To answer this the best you can, I will put up the details. Me and my girl met on valentines day, ten years ago. It will be eleven years on valintines day 2010. We were girlfriend and boyfriend way back then when we were only seven and eight years old....

17 views · Sex

What do you think of this poem I finished writing?

Hope you like it...I need a title for it...any advice? :) Thanks in advance!

You say to wait when I say why..
Things never change for you & I..
I once had patience, yet now it's gone..
As I realized, your love for me was just a con.

You cant ...

28 views · Art, Writing & Literature

What should I name my poem?

ok I've been writing poetry and this is my newest one. I need help picking a title. some feed back would be nice! thanks...
Note: this is copywritten... do not take my work or I will take legal action if I find out... thanks =D

You broke my heart,


102 views · Art, Writing & Literature

What is this martial arts movie called?

Ok, you might think this sounds a bit stupid :P but I watched this movie a long time ago and can't seem to remember the title. I'll describe the plot so if anyone recognizes it please answer below... =P
PLOT-read at your own risk xD (bad grammar alert)...

11 views · Entertainment

Would you read these novels based on the plot?

1- I was Rebbeca Lemmings; in his eyes I was the rich Becky Lemmings. Then... I became the missing Becky Lemmings. Kidnapped on a normal night of partying and hidden in a ramshackle cottage. People were hunting for me, people I have never met or cared ...

23 views · Art, Writing & Literature

What Do You Think About This?

Hi, I'm writing a short story which I hope will become a short animated film in the future.
This is a SHORT DESCRIPTION of the story. You know, like something you'd read on the back of a DVD.
I can't type in the whole thing.

TITLE: "Home Is..."

13 views · Art, Writing & Literature

What do you think of the game industries moving their games to streaming services?

So the past few months, sites like IGN, GameSpot, MMOSite, Joystiq, etc. have been talking about recent services like OnLive and Gaikai which have made a name for themselves by offering popular titles without the need for a physical gaming console or a...

14 views · Gaming & Games

Quiz: Which Funadvice member's mother has a Canon 600d camera and her names ends in a "A"?

Another FunAdvice quuiz, some easier then others :)

1)Which Funadvice Member has a picture that has more then 888 views?
2)Which Funadvice Member has a pictue titled hiccup?
3)Which Funadvice Member is an idiot (clue- The answer is Drew)

44 views · FunAdvice Community

Co worker situation

How should I ask my ex-co worker out?, I only got to say hi once! (keep reading...)?
I only worked at this place for a month (I had to quit because of school), I only got to say hi once but I did notice that anytime that the guy came close to my desk ...

10 views · Love & Relationships

What do you think about this poem?

* In Utero *

hush the sound of silence
endlessly talking in tongues.
as the clock hit past 6 you say,
"What a beautiful day.
I live for the summer."
You say, again, as if you mean.
You say.
And again, because to you it will have become.

I ...

28 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Which artists/songs would you recommend for my iPod?

I hate listening to the radio these days, everything is overplayed and in risk of burning out my ears far too soon. So please please I beg of you list me some good tracks =P

To give you a clue of what I might like here's some of my favourite music...

20 views · Music

How many can you do..I found 16 riddles

Fun element riddles=) .. I got16 of these riddles ...can you do better?
1. To add spices
2. What may be granted after a divorce
3. An asian subcontinent
4. Grab him
5. What the cowboy said after riding the bornco
6. View by a boy names calvin
7. Not fa...

96 views · General Knowledge

Advice for a (somewhat) late college starter

I asked a question a little similar to this a couple months ago, though about a different subject (dating). Hence the title, ahem. Anyway, this one is a little milder.

Simply put, I go to this really weird-a$$ high school. I'm 19, but what the sc...

7 views · Education & School

What the heck is up with my computer?! Is it a virus?

First of all, I have AVG freeware version 9.0, and Malwarebytes freeware, newest version. Before I get any replies about that, YES they are compatible together, because they are different kinds of programs. Anyways, I just got a webcam, new, off ebay. ...

63 views · Computers & Tech

How should I do this?

Alrighty, so I am 19 years old, and never have had a job due to circumstances beyond my control. Embarassing, yes. Anyways, because I live in a rural area, it is impossible to find any work within walking distance, and yes I have money to buy a car ...

17 views · Jobs & Money

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