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Voice lessons

Pole dancing lessons.

Where can my girl get pole dancing lessons? She wants to learn how, but is there somewhere that teaches this?

18 views · Education & School

Does straining out of your voice range damage your voice?

Seven months ago, my vocal teacher made me practice low notes so low that it hurt when I sang them. I think my voice is damaged because I did this for so long. Will my voice recover?

17 views · Health

Is it possible to go from an 'ok' singing voice to an outstanding singing voice?

a lot of people say that i can sing ok...adn that i sound soft and pretty...but i would like to go to a more advanced is it possible? and if long should it take...

40 views · Music

People's Voices...

Why do some people seem to always mumble and don't pronounce their words properly?

Just wandering

17 views · General Knowledge

can a senegal parrot imitate human voices by the age of 8 months?

if not what age do they start ?

11 views · Pets & Animals

how can I hit higher notes while my voice is changing?

I was wandering how I can hit those higher notes while my voice is changing? is it posible or do I have to wait for my voice to fully develope?

32 views · Music

How can I get my dad 2 let me go dancing lessons

How do I pursuade my dad to let me go to dance lessons for 3.50 a lesson = street dance

17 views · Entertainment NSFW

Can girls voice change durrin puberty

Can girls voice change durrin puberty like my voice is higher or its lower or its just like a whistle or nothing at all

17 views · Health

Worst lesson at school

What do people think is the worst lesson at school?? Im not keen on many lessons lol x

17 views · Education & School

Can you get vocal chord surgery to change the tone of your voice?

can yu get surgery on your vocal cords to change the tone of your voice ? or what makes the tone of our voice?

41 views · Health

How can I make my voice sound older when I sing?

I love singing but whenever I sing I sound really young! How can I make my voice sound more mature??

321 views · Music NSFW

Is it legal to voice record your counseling sessions?

Do you have to ask the therapist for permissioon or can you just turn on the voice recorder from your phone?

10 views · Politics & Law

How hasn't my voice broke yet ?

Im 13 I have pubic hair and I can come but my voice hasn't broke yet is this normal?

79 views · Health

What should I do about the voices in my head?

I use to get voices in my head every now and then, but now im starting to hear them more often than usual, what should I do?

42 views · Health

is having a soft voice a bad thing?

people say when i sing it's a soft pretty voice...but then they say with more practice ill get better
so is having a soft voice a bad thing?..and if i take voice lessons will it get not so soft..and does voice lessons actually help?

272 views · Music

what should i do tennis lessons or piano lessons?

my mom tried to get me in poiano years ago but i was little and of course i said no but now i actually want to do it but im afraid of what she might say. also i love tennis?

43 views · Education & School

whos voice would you want?

if you could choose to have any singers voice who would it be

I would choose to have P!NKS singing voice because its awesome.

23 views · Entertainment

Lesson help

Hey just curious, when you take like a guitar lesson at a music store, are there other people taking the lesson too, because I work better with other people.

18 views · Music

If you lost your voice what do you eat or drink?

I'm not really sure what I should eat or drink?Can I have hot cocoa? Can I eat what I normally eat?

1198 views · Food & Dining NSFW

Is being a voice actor a good, (decent pay) job?

When I say decent pay I mean worth your work.

22 views · Jobs & Money

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