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Could someone try and help me out with my Internet Sharing problems?

Okay so I've recently bought an Xbox 360 and Live but don't fancy spending £60 on a wireless adapter for it. My router is also downstairs so it would be difficult having a wired connection. However, I've heard and seen of people using the Network Shari...

11 views · Computers & Tech

How do I download Limewire?

I was just wondering how to download lime wire

51 views · Computers & Tech

music donwload

is frost wire safe?

38 views · Computers & Tech

What kind of internet connection do you have?

What speed do you have, and is it fiber, cable or what?

26 views · Computers & Tech

hook up my phone to computer

were to hook my data link cable up

36 views · Computers & Tech

Can I just pay for the internet by itself?

Can I just pay for the internet alone, or do I have to add it to my phone or cable bill?

53 views · Computers & Tech

How should i make a neko tail?

i mean i don't know how, wire and cloth?

15 views · Beauty & Style

Camera usb to phone?

Can I use my usb cable from my camera to transfer music to my phone

12 views · Computers & Tech

Can I get internet on this?

I have an old laptop that can connect to the internet wirelessly and an old desktop that can’t connect wirelessly. I have an Ethernet cable and I was wondering if I could connect to the internet with the laptop and have an Ethernet cable in it...

21 views · Computers & Tech

Can I plug an amp into my car's subwoofer cables/wiring?

My new car (asdfghjkl!!!) is wired for a sub, do I have to buy a special thingy or can I use a guitar amplifier and somehow plug that into the wiring? If so, how?

32 views · Cars & Automotive NSFW

How to connect one printer to two computers?

trying to connect a printer to two computers
what cables do I need

68 views · Computers & Tech

Over my head music video

Does anyone know who the boy is in the fray's music video- over my head (cable car)?

27 views · Music NSFW

itunes, can it detect Limewire?

if you download itunes can it detect lime wire on your computer or ipod?

46 views · Computers & Tech

How do I transfer photos from cell phone to laptop?

I have cable to connect from cell to laptop but don't know how to transfer photos. how do I do it?

56 views · Computers & Tech

how do I hook my pc modem to my tv

want to know what cable to hook from pc to tv, and if I can do it that way

54 views · Computers & Tech

How to get free music no viruses

Where do I get free music without a bunch of viruses

No lime wire
No bearshare

49 views · Music

Can anyone explain this?

Okay there is a flourecent light hanging from the ceiling that has been cut off to the switch but power is still going to it. I stood on a chair to cut some execess wire off of it that would have lead to the switch. I stood on a chair and went to cut t...

23 views · Computers & Tech

Cellphone problem

Can anybody tell me why I cant activate my usb cable to my laptop computer ?? Im tryna send my cellphone pics to my computer but the usb cable isnt "activated" I guess.>>pleez help<<

19 views · Computers & Tech

Do you like to bite stuff?

Such as pens, pencils, the cables of your headphones, straws, etc

10 views · Love & Relationships

underwire bra keep breaking why?

my underwire in my bra, nearly like all my bras the wire comes out why?

159 views · Beauty & Style

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