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How can I get guardianship or custody of my brother?

okay so I am trying to get cusstody of my brother who lives with my mom and she is abusing him along with her b/f of 9 years. they brainwash him, they drug him, they treat him poorly. I need to know how I would go about getting guardianship or custody ...

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What is the best job ever?

So, I'm 16 and still trying to find the best job ever, well, what I say is the job that I'm gonna love, I want to become a nurse or an interior decorator because I'm very creative and I love taking care of people.
And sometimes I wanna be a nurse, int...

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Why do people call jig saw a killer?

Why do people call jig saw a killer they should call him a hero why because in saw 5 he kidnapped lawyers that only cared about then self and in saw 6 witch im watching again people that only care about then self and help then self ad not other people ...

56 views · General Knowledge

How can I get my money owed by an online store?

An online store owes me $$ and has taken over a year to even respond to my refund issue, yet they are still giving me the runaround. I don't know how to get through to them and make them realize how important it is that I have my money during a financ...

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Who sings this song with "88 in the shade"?

Please tell me the name of the song and who sings it
I'm laid up on a creek bed with a cold one in my hands
it's 88 in the shade got my bait in an old tin can
............bober at the end of my pole
sometimes I mss you baby.... most the time I don't

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Who is correct on this 'Jessica's Law' issue ?

A Massachusetts trial lawyer, also serving as chairman of the State House Ethics Committee, is under fire for advocating "ripping apart" child sexual abuse victims on the witness stand. Massachusetts State Representative James Fagan was speaking agains...

22 views · Sex

What kind of trouble do you get fr shoplifting at age 14?

Oky,so I gt caught shoplifting at jc penney I live in maryland,I steal abt $40 so da manager called da police,and they didnt arrested me dey just told me 2 pay abt $123 somethin like that and told me 2 go 2 court,I was wondring what will they do 2 me i...

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What to do if I'm innocent and convicted of a felony?

what do you do if you are the scape goat and now a felon thanks to a dr negligence. and I swear ohio is full of crooks. paid a lawyer that rarely showd up to court .charged for something I did not do? yet convicted even the police told court they doub...

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School board help!!!

Is there any lawyers out there that are not scared of the gov. or theschool board I have a 14 year old son that wasput out of a good school and they are trying to make him go to the only school in our parish that has medal dectors in the doors...

17 views · Education & School

My friend wants her son back, how to help?

I have a friend that has a lil boy that she loves but was young and had nothing no car, job, place to stay so she left her child with her mom till she got back on her feet and her mom said when you do you can get him back. Now she is back and has a car...

24 views · Parents & Family

I was lied to (Part 2)

I was adopted by my grandmother not by my moms choice! my 'so called father ' didnt want my mom to keep me. she wanted to keep me and raise me but they wouldent let her. my dad talked her into signing the papers that were only for temperary custody. an...

10 views · Parents & Family

What if it wasn't Stockholm Syndrome?

So I was reading stories on one of those internet sites and I came across one story where this is the blurb bit:

---The law says he's guilty of kidnap, rape and false imprisonment. The shrink says she's a victim of Stockholm Syndrome. For Sarah, t...

36 views · Health

How to help my parents through their divorce?

My dad cheated on my mom with some lady he's known for a long time.
My mom found out because I think the lady called her and told her everything.
She got a lawyer and is going to divorce him, but she hasn't told him. He knows that she knows about his ...

19 views · Parents & Family

Billing problems

I have paid a medical bill already but this hospital still bother me sendingme letters,
Saying that I have to pay something that I have paid already, I have sent faxes, I trace my money order I sent them a copy that says I paid my bill and the hosp...

16 views · Jobs & Money

Trying to get a passport, but my dads being a butt...

I need to get a passport to go to Europe next year, but my mom an dad are divorced. My mom does not have primary care over me. I need him to sign the paper saying I can get a passport. I haven't talked to hime in almost a year and he won't call me b...

10 views · Travel

How can I get a job with no Social Security number?

well im pretty screwed right now... I need a job, quick. I need to make at least 7 grand per year to pay off my high school tuition, im 14 , I am legal in the united states, but just not legal to work due to having no social security number. How can I ...

20185 views · Jobs & Money

Who is a good Mesothelioma attorney?

Mesothelioma attorney Information. As of now mesothelioma has become a great concern of everybody. Almost 1.72 million of the world people are affected with this deadly deseas. So frequenly we need information on mesotholioma attorney or mesothelioma l...

28 views · Health

What do you thank off Barack Obama's Book?

What do you thank off Barack Obama's Book? ,for me I read his book and it was very intersting too read more about his life as a child,things what he did with his family,life too and all,also this is a story I read about him,here it is.

It's been almos...

8 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Should I fight my speeding ticket?

I was driving to work and not in any particular hurry since I left in plenty of time. I observed a police car with a speed camera in a parking lot where they occasionally are. As soon as I saw the car I glanced at my speedometer. It read just a tad ...

33 views · Politics & Law

What should I pick? aagggrhhh ?

I need to pick my gcse options now I can pick two other options but I'm stuck between:

Geography (apparently it's recomended if we pick either history or geograpy)

Media Studies (my form tutor + english teacher thinks I'd be good at it and it loo...

25 views · Education & School

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