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How do I paint walls to resemble an 8-Bit video game?

I'm a college student with my own place, but my mother lives nearby, so I spend weekends at her house (because my apartment is cramped and she just moved, so she needs help for the next year or so as she settles in and redoes the house to her liking). ...

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I wanna cry right now..sry its long, please read =/

I was on my way tomy brotheres girlfriends party (which was so fun bc there just amazingly awesome people.) but im on my way, and I guess my dad musta drank before he got there, so we almost go into 2 accidents, and then after we leave, its clearly a r...

44 views · Parents & Family NSFW

Why won't he ask me out!!!?

Okay. This guy I've liked since last year is one of my friends. not really my CLOSE friends, but we can always rely on eachother kind of friend. there isn't very many sweet, patient, honest and caring guys at my school, and he marks the spot! So at the...

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Sister trying to Ruin my life

I Have an annoying, heartless sister who is 2 years younger then me. We have grown up very diff., Me and my Dad and Her and my Mom. My sister has had everything given to her, her whole life. She barely works, and when she does she nly lasts a week or s...

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corrupting my body!

sooo...I def want indian feathers behind my right ear and the chinese symbol for crazy behind my left ear [kind of a family thing...long story]! I can't wait!

I'm getting a tattoo on my right side of an octopus and it's gonna have a lil seahorse and...

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Neighbors attack my son

There is a section 8 rental on our street, there are 7-8 people living there only 5 of wich are suppose to be. All of the children are 8 and under. Our problems started right away, these children began giving inappropriate info to the rest of the kids ...

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How can I get her to see I'm an adult?

Sorry but this is going to be long I have to explain it all.
My Aunt is a retired 5th grade teacher she was a teacher for most of her life. She has been extreamly helpfull twards me in some aspects and I am glad to have her, just wish things were diff...

8 views · Parents & Family

How to tell my parents I want to move out?

I'm 20 years old so I realise I'm not really as young as the 18 year olds nor am I quite there at the 21 'oh you're an adult' stage.

My parents don't like me spending time outside of the house - it really bugs them that I'm not home once it turns dar...

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Why is he acting all horrible all of a sudden?

I know I should just dump him technically speaking but when you love someone properly you seek out reasons for why he is acting a certain way etc.

First off, I am pregnant - nearly 24 wks gone and 26 years old, v miserable and alone, working my bum...

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Emancipation and/or live in seminole suites (tallahassee)

I've been researching emancipation for the past year and a half , and I'm finally filing for it next year at the end of april. I'm pretty sure, I will be able to prove that I can not only support myself financially, but show that I will be better off w...

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How do I know I want a baby?

Hi Fun Advice, wow I haven't been on here for so long, I don't know who's on here now or if my old friends are still active but regardless, I need some help!

I am now 20, and my partner is turning 23 very soon. He wants a baby so badly, but I'm just...

55 views · Parents & Family

High risk pregnancy, threatened miscarriage, childs father and I b


I am looking for some advice and I really have nowhere else to turn. I've been with my boyfriend, well now ex boyfriend for almost 8 years now. We were once happy but the past two years have been really rough and he has changed so much. He sta...

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