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How do you record sound on Windows XP service pack 2?

How do you record sound on Windows XP service pack 2? Like from outside sources.

17 views · Computers & Tech

Is Service Pack 3 released yet?

has Microsoft released the official service pack 3 for windows xp?
or is it due?

12 views · Computers & Tech

How can get best iphone app service?

There are many sites which provide iphone app service. But i want to best iphone app service at low cost.

8 views · Computers & Tech

Will social services take my baby?

Somebody told me if I qo to social services to qet help they'll take my baby away is that true ?

72 views · Kids

Does anyone know about in-service rollovers for 401Ks?

I wanted to know if anyone know anything about In service rollover for 401K plans and which companies offer the in service rollover.

47 views · Jobs & Money

What is too much free service for consulting?

I give my customers 2 hours of free consulting on each one of their new projects, am I giving to much?

14 views · Jobs & Money

Msn help, everytime I try to sign on it says service unavailable?

I installed my msn about 6 times but everytime I try to sign in it says the service in unavailable what should I do?
I miss msn

58 views · Computers & Tech

Community service for 14 year olds in rockford illinois

What community service jobs are there for 14 year olds in rockford illinois because I need one and im desperate\

70 views · Jobs & Money

How can I start a pet sitting service?

I want 2 start a pet sitting service but there are 2 kids in my history class and they would laugh at me if I gave them a flier.

20 views · Pets & Animals

Sky broadband

Does anyone use sky for there internet provider im thinking of changing and they have good deals wondered what there service was actually like

13 views · General Knowledge

UPS service has lost comm with UPS?

UPS service has lost comm with UPS?
my UPS is not giving back up to my computer,and when I check power options on control panel it says "ups service has lost comm with ups?".

26 views · Computers & Tech

before I get a dish satelite service...

Does the satelite dish for TV need to be moved a second time because the satelite starts to move a little in the sky?

14 views · Computers & Tech

what is a good prepaid monthly cell phone service that works almost anywhere?

I have metro PCS and it sucks.

28 views · Computers & Tech

Will 911 provide escort services if you're too drunk to drive?

I saw this on reno 911 yesterday and i was wondering if it was possible.

22 views · General Knowledge

Where can i watch lip service online?

I live in Canada and BBC's website says i cannot watch because of my location, are there any other places where i can watch?

45 views · Entertainment

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