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What are the best songs ever?

I know its a matter of opinion, but what are yur favorites? I want to expand my horizons of music, so lets hear it! My favorits are: Santeria by Sublime, What I Got by Sublime & Hot for Teacher by Van Halen. As you can see I like sublime lol. But what ...

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Help me find a cool folk-indie band!

Hello Everyone!

I need a new selection of music.
Just wondering if anyone knew a cool indie-folk band!?
I like every thing from...Moldy The Trials of Van Occupanther.


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Who likes Beethoven's music?

I was wondering if any of you guys(or girls)likes Ludwig Van Beethoven.I love him!My favorite song is called "Moonlight Sonata"and it is for those depressing days and it has no lyrics so it can say whatever you want it to say.It needs no words.Anyways ...

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Has the real estate market bottomed out?

I was talking to a realtor friend the other day, and she was saying how the market was going to come back now. Has the real estate market bottomed out? It seems to me like the market has a ways to fall still before purchase prices come back in line wit...

36 views · Home & Garden

Need help naming an older movie

I hope someone could help me find the name of a movie I saw when I was a kid. it was a vhs probably made in the 70's. because I was young and it was so long ago I don't remember much but here goes nothing. what I can remember is it was about a gover...

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Where would you go?

If you could travel anywhere in the world and you could only pick one place - where would you go and why?

Me: amsterdam

I am fascinated with this place. Legal cannibas coffee shops, red light districts, the beautiful canals, van gogh musuem, anne...

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How to get my boyfriend to finger me and suck my boobs harder?

okay, so im 17 and me and my boyfriend have had sex 2 times already. however, there was no sucking of boobs, fingering, and I didn't get the chance to suck on his penis. We are having sex tonight in his van at a drive in movie, and I really want what I...

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my girlfriend controlling my life?

well recently my girlfriend has ben taking controll I me like she says I van talk to only some people and others I have to completly shut out of my life well she started this web she saw mr talking to some other girls I mean I guess I was being flirtac...

74 views · Love & Relationships

Dreams what does it mean to be hit by drunk driver?

I had this dream in 5th... maybe 4th grade. It was a dark night I was in a mini van with a guy he said he was my boyfriend and we got into a convesation about each other. we were so happy. we were laughing having fun but then a drunk driver came and hi...

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What does my dream it gonna happen?

I had this dream in 5th... maybe 4th grade. It was a dark night I was in a mini van with a guy he said he was my boyfriend and we got into a convesation about each other. we were so happy. we were laughing having fun but then a drunk driver came and hi...

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Twilight Annoyences...

Okay just for randomness has anyone found things in Twlight that is completly wrong that most dont notice? Example: look at the scene where Edward saves Bella from the van. She has headphones in her ears but in the book she says that she doesnt like mu...

30 views · Entertainment

Does anyone know what kind of car Jon and Kate drive?

I would first off like to say that I LOVE this show. I want sextuplets of my own, though I know they would be a lot of hard work, I still want them because I have always wanted some kind of multiples and I have always wanted a lot of kids. But my quest...

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Is this the right style for me?

Am 13 years old I have brown hair and dark brown eyes and I want to dye my hair black or at least a darker brown. I also like skinny jeans with ballet shoesor I also have vans and a pair of knee high tops. Am I too young for this or would I look too in...

20 views · Beauty & Style

catholic school and showing my style

hey my names van and im starting my freshman year at a catholic school thats really strict I wanna be able to show my style because im a total 80's metal emo/punk kinda person and I've always been able to show my style threw my clothes,hair and make up...

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What do you collect?

I collect movies, cd's, games, books, comics, disney stuff, masks,animal stuff like pictures stuffed animals shirts etc, action figures, weapons from medieval times and japanese weapons I'm a big sword and dagger collector. I also collect classic cars,...

13 views · General Knowledge

What is that tv show?

What is that tv show where they get an actor girl to go on cam and she pretends to be 14 but she is really 19 and there are people in the back in a van or something typing to these paedophile guys online and then the paedophiles come to the house and t...

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Best guitarists?

I've got a few(im not ranking them)
1.)tom morello
2.)stevie ray vaughn
3.)jimmi hendrix
4.)mark lanegan
5.)eddie van halen
6.)um[guy from social distortion]I cant believe I forgot the name

13 views · Music NSFW

What car is good for a first car? (read more)

Okay so I've just turned 16, and I'm looking for akin so that I can save up for my first car!
However, I wanted you to read more so you don't just say "Get a Corsa" or soothing like that because they are too small. Since I do a lot of biking, I'm look...

27 views · Cars & Automotive

What will I be taxed on the sale of property?

I sold my rental property in 2006 and made $120,000 profit from the sale. Since I have
never lived there am I eligible to exclude up to $250,000 of the gain on the sale of the property? If not, I assume and understand my profit will be taxed (capital...

27 views · Jobs & Money

Your Top ten Rock Bands Of All Time?

Mine is

1. Guns and Roses
2. Van Halen
3. Led Zeppelin
4. Velvet Revolver
5. Ozzy Osbourne
6. Metallica
7. Scorpions
8. Poison
9. Def Leppard
10. Wicked Twister

What's yours?

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