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What is a good Career for me?

Im thinking about my future and jobs and things
I like Photography, art, media, basically anything creative.
I would like to travel.
I hate having to do lots of paperwork, writing, maths...

All I've come up with are the kind of obvious ones...

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where to get a stencil to paint a zebra stipe wall pattern?

soo... here it goes.

I've decided to paint my room two shades of purple in a zebra print design. but I need to know where to get a stencil, or how to make one. but not to where it looks like a repeated pictures, but like a big outstretched zebra print...

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Do you think that teaching yourself is a good and effective way to go?

I'm a person who always loves to learn new things. My interests branch out from topics such as psychology, then go way out to areas such as photography and journalism. When I go to learn things I'm extremely motivated and interested, but seriously spea...

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Do you think photograhy should be just a hobby?

Well iv seen some like pictures just friends or family have taken and they are amazing and then i go look at some professional photographer and think "meh" like they aren't that good a lot of them. And soo many people think they are like photographers...

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Will this college plan work?

I am definetely going to college (bachelors degree 4 now) ill probably go to a community college for 2 years then transfer to a university. BUT I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO my grades are average, my athletics...average. I participate at my school eith art, c...

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I would like to hear comments on something I am doing

Recently I got a message from a guy who was offering money for pictures. He was mostly looking for locals he is learning photography and loves to photograph women...a regual guy thing LOL. Ok so anway What caught my eye is 1. His email was not rude or ...

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Are there any good art schools in PA?

Hi guys. I plan on moving out to the east coast next summer. I'm taking a year off to build a really great portfolio, but anyways, he's my question:

My boyfriend lives near Carlisle, PA. He's not totally sure where he wants to go to school but somewhe...

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What to do should I delete start over with a new beginning or stay?

People have always told me change is a good thing, but for me I am scared of change. I always say sure one day I will be ready for change, but when something unexpected happens it makes you think that maybe it is time for a change. A chance to start al...

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What should I wear to my mini photo-shoot?

heyy you guys, i have a mini photoshoot saturday (: ! yay me! its my first a dear friend of mine who does some photography is going to take some pictures for me. nothing in particular but its probably going to be downtown. i live in a small town and so...

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Do you think that I should pay for the more expensive Canon even though I'm so young?
The first link is the canon 600d and the second is 550d
I am buying a DSLR camera, and it will be eitehr of these ones, im only young and i don't really need photography and am n...

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Do I have to be in the country to be a country girl?

My Hobbies:
Photography (mostly of nature)
Jetskiing and boating (we collect em)
Fishing and big fishing trips
Guitar (accoustic)
Go carts, I out grew the four wheeler

What I wear on a typical day;
Jeans or shorts with one of my many belt buc...

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What am I...

I just got asked what sort of girl I am (like tomboy,rocker chic,girly ect.)
I'm really not sure so maybe you peeps can help. I usually dress in a tshirt, my black vest, skinny jeans, and converse hightops. I luv rock music and my favorite song, a...

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Whatt career choices should I consider trying?

I like things to do with military (except war), photography, drama. I would want enough money to have a average family life. I'd want to do something to help someone. And apparently by the end of year 11 I will be expecting

C in maths
B in English

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Anyone got any ideas for a career?

I only have two more years of high school left and I have know clue what I want to be. My teachers keep making it sound like we have no more time left =/ I used to want to be a kid psychiatrist since my friends always came to me for advice and I found...

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my future.

okay im 15 soon & still at school studing child care & hair apprentiship at college
1 day a week I go to college after school and then the next day I go to a salon and do practical im ment to be learing how to take colours out, but im to shy to ask and...

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Recording Stuidos! Jobs! Help!?

Im at college doin Media. And its all im interested in doing. I study every side of Media possible such as Photography, Magazine production, film, tv so on. Im also learning how to play Guitar and Piano. I wanted a job in that field and only t...

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How can I get away from my parents?

I'm 16 years old, and I want to move out of my house. My parents always expect me to be like my brothers who one is always on the deans list in college an the other is graduating photography school... they are always like why cant you be like your brot...

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Should I join the Coast Guard Reserve or the Air Force Reserve?

The main reason why I'm going is to pay for college. I've noticed the military benefits are way better than Scholarships given in Florida. I was thinking going to the Air Force reserve as a Still Photographer (I'm working in my associates degree in Com...

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how to know what career path to choose.

im thirteen, and in year nine and recently everyone has been talking about jobs and stuff, because we had to pick our options. everyone seems to know what they want to do! and I feel liek I should know!
I love fashion, and clothes and stuff and I enjo...

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What are some good idea's for a emo/scene bedroom?

I'm 15. And right now my bedroom is black and a dark pink(2 walls are black and 2 are pink). It's been that way for a long time now and I'm getting tired of it. I love the emo/scene look. I can repaint the walls any color that I want. I was thinking ma...

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