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centipedes on my plant

there is hundreds of centipedes on my sure they are centipedes.should I kill them???

71 views · Home & Garden

When should I plant my bean plant in an actual garden?

It's like 11 centimeters tall and it has two big leaves but how do I know when to plant it? Like if it's strong enough or not.

18 views · Home & Garden

What could kill plants on a massive level?

what kills plant life? Is it common? what is it?
and could it kill plant life on a mass level

17 views · Home & Garden

What if a limb broke off my money tree plant?

A limb has been broke off of a money tree plant. I have kept it in water when can I transplant it?

674 views · Home & Garden

Black Licorice Plant?

I have a weed or plant in backyard in Colorado here that smells like black licorice! What is it?

239 views · Home & Garden

house plants are getting spider mites, what do I do?

I seem to be getting spider mites on my plants can you please help?

16 views · Home & Garden

When do I transfer my Jalapeno plants?

I would like to know when to transfer my Jalapeno plants outside after they have sprouted?

39 views · Home & Garden

Why won't my rubber tree plant's leaves open?

My plant looks beautiful but the leaves won't open!

114 views · Home & Garden

rubber plant

my rubber plant is losing it's leaves and they are turning yellow and orange. what is wrong?

51 views · Home & Garden

Is there a job that requires traveling to collect plants for making medicine?

if there is, what's it called?

18 views · Jobs & Money

Will a bing cherry tree planted with a dropping produce cherries?

Will a bing cherry tree started from a dropping in the ground produce cherries?

56 views · Home & Garden

What should I do with the dead plants in my garden?

just let them sit and become compost or pull them up and compost them?

55 views · Home & Garden

What flowers should I plant in my garden?

I have only a fern and a hosta and I need any flower that will do good in the shade!

36 views · Home & Garden

What personnel records would you suggest for a small retailer?

We have three employees.

448 views · Jobs & Money

Where to put money plant?

Where is the best place to put your money plant to give you prosperity as the plants are supposed to bring you money

35 views · Home & Garden

How to care for a Chinese money plant?

just got them and they are already starting to do I take care of these plants.

149 views · Home & Garden

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