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Is my turtle pregnant?

We found a turtle on the side of the road, I've had one every year for three years. We just found this one, so we brought it home to let it enjoy our pond. I was making my way to the pond when I saw that it was out of the cage/pond. I picked it up and ...

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Boat or jetski?!

Okay so my boat is haveing problems and we are about to go camping at banks lake, and my mom said we can either reamt a new boat or 2 jetskis. I can't decide.

10 views · Entertainment NSFW

Do you think I need to lose weight?

I'm in seventh grade. 160 ponds and 5 foot 6 inches. i feel that i need to loose weight to be healthier what should i do

38 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Would this be out of line?

I am transfering to a larger apartment in the same complex. Would it be out of line to ask if the maintenance could install cabinet safety locks before I move in if I buy the equiptment?

9 views · Home & Garden

Any tricks to get rid of sunburn quickly

okay, well today I was at the lake, I didnt think I was getting much sun, but then I got reddd.

Any tricks to get rid of sunburn quickly?
Its embarassing how red I am.

57 views · Beauty & Style

Economics in College, why is it required?

Why do they require that you take Micro and Macro Economics for the majority of majors offered at universities?

I am a Construction Student, when will I ever need to figure out the marginal propensity to consume?

26 views · Education & School

Industrial piercing, how long does it take to heal?

How long does it take to heal? Can I go swim 6 weeks after I got it? If not how long after I got it can I go swimming (by the way I would go swimming in a lake so it doesn't have all those chemicals and stuff if that matters at all)?

2951 views · Beauty & Style

Do you believe in Jesus?

if u dont believe in jesus read the bible go to church watch tbn daystar or go to kcm but if you still dont good luke in the lake of fire !!!.

130 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

How much upkeep and expense does it takes to maintain an above ground pool?

I've been thinking of getting one of those $500-$700 above ground pools you set yourself but I don't know much about how much maintenance do they require.

21 views · Home & Garden

What's the best online trading company?

I wanted to know which online stock trading company is better and have no maintenence fees and no account minimums. I have heard a lot about sharebuilder but I am not sure whether it is the best available.

44 views · Jobs & Money

Is there a difference between kcal and cal on food labels?

I know a kilocalorie is 1000 calories, but I've been looking at a food lake for a cracker that says it has 45kcal, how would it be possible a cracker has 45000 calories?

57 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Is it safe to let my 14 year old daughter see a band she knows very well in Roscoe Village in Chicago with no parents, no friends?

She'll only know the band. I'll be in Lake View while she's there.

23 views · Travel

Funadvice do you think it has a real impact on people's lives?

I am a big believer of how every stone thrown into a pond creates ripples and therefore affects the pond as a whole... As is in life. What affect do you believe the advice we give on say even a forum such as fun advice has on the overall lives of each ...

14 views · FunAdvice Community

Miley Backstage

I Am looking for 2 backstage passes to the Miley Cyrus concert on Sept 29th in Salt Lake City, Utah. My daughter would just love to meet her! Any answers on how to get them???

40 views · Entertainment

The Burj Dubai dethroned?

What year do you think that construction on a building taller than the Burj Dubai will begin? What reasons do you have to beleive in your answer? What is the name of the building, and what country will it be built in? Please give suggestions. Thank You.

14 views · General Knowledge

What are some landforms and waterforms to put on my US map?

I'm drawing this map of the US for Geography and I have to have at least 7 landforms and 7 waterforms on there. I already have mountains, lakes, and oceans. What else could I put because I can't think of anything else? Any other landform or waterform i...

53 views · Education & School

How can I make a picture bigger?

let's say a picture from google images, the one that i liked its small but how can i make it bigger to fit into a regulaer white printing page
or is there a place that i can go to make that picture fit into like a construction paper.

19 views · Computers & Tech

How different people have sex,

How they have sex, think of more? Post it:)

Accountants are good with figures.

Actors do it on cue.

Advertisers use the "new, improved" method.

Ambulance drivers come quicker.

Ansi does it in the standard way

Archeologists like it old...

42 views · Sex

What type of salamander could this be...?

I found some salamanders a little bit ago. it looks like they have gills on their sides, but I found them on land, quite a ways away from any water (about 200 feet or so away from a tiny pond that's not really a pond but still has water). they...

25 views · Pets & Animals

Is Chinese or Japanese food healthier than other foods?

I like rice and fish so I was wondering if Chinese or Japanese food is healthier than other foods. I am trying to stay trim and I figured that changing my diet might help me keep the weight off without so much maintenance.

153 views · Food & Dining

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