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Which is the best air hostess course?

Hi, I like to know in India whoe provides the best air hostess course. Is it possible to do a air hostess course online from home. How much should I have to complete an air hostess course. What is the criteria to be an air hostess specially to be empoy...

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Would a college take credits from highschool if it's the same course?

I know it depends on the college but is it a general rule? I have taken pre-cal, next year will be calculus, and AP english, so would a college take those credits if i pass the courses?

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Golf gti

I'm thinking of buying a golf gti, I have about 7-8 hundred to spend. I cant find any that catch my eye in the auto trader etc, so just wondered if anyone had one for sale?

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What courses are available in Australia?

Hey guys,What courses are available in australia?Im planning my future now.Haha.It may be too early to plan,but its better to plan early. =)
Oh ya!And issit very expensive to study in australia?Im planning to go when im 17 or 18..Issit ok?

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Who knows if a lot of people drop out of or switch courses during the first week of University?

I am currently trying to switch the times of one of my courses and then add a different course, but both courses are full. My school is starting the 13th and the last day to get a course is the 26th.

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Why did I get better grades for courses when I didn't study, than when I spent nights without sleeping so I could study?

I dont know why, but this has happened to me many times.What do you think? tell me please thank you.

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Who here takes online courses?

how long of breaks do you usually get between your terms? I just finished my term on the 22nd and now I'm going back the 30th. I have been feeling overwhelmed and just wish I had at least a week longer!

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Does NASA have any online courses for teens that wish to someday work for NASA?

I've tried and tried to find them, i remember someone from NASA coming to my school, he said it does exist, maybe im looking in the wrong places? help!

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Which course of action would be taken ?

Which course of action do you think a President Obama would take if Israel were to be attacked: A) immediately come to Israel's aid B) do what he did when Russia invaded Georgia, immediately issue a statment: "Both sides need to show restraint" C) other ?

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What courses will i need to take in college?

Im going to be a freshman in college soon and im thinking of what i want to major in. as of now i really want to major in master of arts in teaching (mathematics) and what i really want is to be a calculous teacher. But im wondering what courses i will...

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bike customisation courses?

hi my name is krishna.I doing m bsc degree in bangalore. m intrested in making a carrer in bike customisation. canany one help me wit this. I would like to know abt any course that can b done in india or abroad

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How can you edit a golf shirt and black pants uniform to look better?

My school unifrom is sooo ugly. Black dress plants and a white golf shirt. Are there any ways I can make it prettier or sumthin, cause its really hard to impress guys when you have the same figure as a guy.

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When did they stop using square nails in home construction?

I also want to know if there is a website where you can find out the history of a certain house? Kind of like "carfax" except for houses lol. Maybe I will ask this in a seperate question.

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What course shoudl I take?

So I am a little stuck weather to go do photography or graphics in college I have already definitely decided on maths, physics and art but I unsure on my 4th choice please give your views and opinions.

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Will my American Sign Language course help my hand eye coordination

Hi! I recently enrolled into an American Sign Language course in my college and I was wondering if my hand-eye coordination will get better. I don't play many video games or sports and I noticed that I have a hard time following people if they sign too...

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Are Online courses 'easier' than actually going to the school?

I been debating whether or not to take on-line courses or not. Considering I can't drive and disability wants to be an arse every time I try to recommend something, so does anyone think I should start off on-line? and what I'll be expecting?
Thanks ;3

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Hair dressing course from home?

Okay Guys so im 16 soon and im think of what I actually want to do I thought hair dresser maybe 1 day get my own salon business if it works out but
I dont want to go to collage do any of you know if theres any home courses?

:) xx

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More help with my child development course

What did you kid/kids like when they were little
Eg: ( bright colours,music,movment,press buttons)

From birth

6 months

2 years

3 years



Many thanks to everyone :)

17 views · Kids

How to construct a series parallel circuit using Visual Basic programming language given the total resistance?

Can somebody please help me with my school project? Our teacher ask us to make a code that will construct a series parallel circuit when the total resistance is already given. Specifically, Visual Basic is chosen but any other programming languages wil...

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Has anyone ordered Carlton's Course?

I have seen this infomercial on late night television for years and I was wondering if anyone has tried it and if so, is it working well for you? How hard is it to get started in property management? Is it complicated? Is there really good support with...

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