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How to survive a breakup

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Am I racist?

Marked for my safety. I have noticed that for the past 2-3 years I have seriously hated the way certain Black people act and dress. At school people ask me my race and I told them I'm ashamed of one of them but act more of my other race,I'm half white ...

39 views · General Knowledge

Convincing parents that he's not a psycho?

how can I convince my parents that he can be my boyfriend, even if it is kind of long-distance?
like, we met over myspace, YES I KNOW, I think that kind of stuff is stupid, lol no offense, but yeah...

and I really do think im I nlove with him, but I r...

34 views · Love & Relationships

Can I move in with my boyfriend's family if I'm being abused?

I'm 17, working, have a loving and caring boyfriend. My step-dad treats me like I'm a dog. He emotionally and verbally abuses me. Since hes been around I've developed migranes and a stomach ulcer. I have panic attacks and I'm now losing weight. I curre...

20 views · Parents & Family

Who is enrolled in nurse assisant?

Is it a good career..this is the info about it on there site" lol it doesn't mention any math yaya..

Certificate of proficiency
Nurse assistant

The nurse assistant (na) course prepares the student to provide services to those who need health car...

40 views · Education & School

An Example of Gods protection

I received this message from another user, and thought it ought to be shared with all.
For the ones that do not believe this to be possible, I ask that you constrain yourself, from being abusive, in your remarks. Others will take this to heart, and it...

133 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

What to do when my children's father has bad history?

Dear reader,

I have been having problems with my childrens father. I had an original question that explains most of it. Original question/situation:

I am worried about the safety of my kids concerning their father. We are not together because of o...

41 views · Sex

Is it possible to convert an ATV to a Go-kart?

I'm not talking about taking parts from an atv and adding them to a go kart build, but to actually cut the frame up and make it more like a go kart (as well as add any additional frame work). I have thought about it, but don't know if it would work. I'...

125 views · Cars & Automotive

What's the punishment for dog abuse?

I'm doing a PE assignment. I have to make a story that uses courage, or something like that and I need to know what the punishment is for this situation.

There is a group of three 13 and 14 year old year old girls. They have a small puppy and begin ...

55 views · Pets & Animals

What is wrong with mom's who thing it's fine to bring boys into the women's locker room?

My friend invited me to come with her, her younger brother and his friend to an indoor water park. Once we get there, we all go to the women's locker room. I thought it was rediculous because my friends brother and his friend are 8 & 9 yrs old! Way ...

240 views · Parents & Family

How do I convince my mom to let me go to the Scream Zone?

I wanted to go to the Scream Zone because the past few years i haven't been able to for the same reasons she's giving me this time. I understand she cares about my safety, but I will be with a group of friends at all times. We will all have our cell ph...

21 views · Parents & Family

How can I convince my dad for a tragus ring?

I have really wanted to get my tragus pierced for a while now. the only problem is my dad won't reason with me. he thinks that it isn't safe, and that I have too many piercings. both of my parents think it is unsafe because you can't get it done at ...

26 views · Parents & Family

Scientific breakthrough--water as fuel

I was watching something on fox news and this guy invented some crazy sh*t. the company is Hydrogen Technologies, but what this guy did was create a flame that burns as hot as the surface of the sun. but somehow, you can put your hand in front of the...

14 views · Science

What do I do about my dream?

I was in a commited relationship with a guy 3 years older than me. I started going out with him when I was 14 and he was 17 and I felt like I had never been happier. We were together for 18 months and we had the occasional argument. One argument my boy...

13 views · Sex

Could I be pregnant and still get a normal cycle?

I'm jw. If I had sex the day before my period, is it possible that the sperm could've survived in the vaginal cavity until my period was over and then fertilized the egg? My period was regular and lasted about 3days. Me and my boyfriend had unprotected...

195 views · Sex

Why is there so much disrespect toward the LGBT community?

The regular people who love the same gender people and alot of people act as if they are murdering someone. If you think about alot of the art work, and men and women back then were homosexual probably denial about it but they were. It's their business...

116 views · Sex

Is this a good law or bad law ?

Colorado Governor Bill Ritter has signed a bill that has shocked many of the state's residents - open bathrooms - This bill allows men to go into women's restrooms and locker rooms and vice versa because we are told that we cannot discriminate against ...

66 views · Sex

Did my blown sub destroy my amplifier?

So, I just found out that my 12" Dual subwoofer was been blown for probably 3 weeks now. I had it bridged to a 2 channel Jensen A1000 amplifier, which I just destroyed. So, here's the story.

About a month ago, my amp started going into safety mode...

35 views · Computers & Tech

Why wont my mom let me be safe?

So, I've been dating this guy for months now and we have been having sex. We've been pretty responsible about, I think. You know, we use a condom and everything. But I would feel much better, much safer if I were on birth control. So a couple months ag...

64 views · Sex

Will I get in trouble for this?

"Hi,I'm 13.I am a girl.I watch porn a lot.I've been watching it a lot lately.I intentionally went on a kid porn site.It said they will contact me and come after me and that they have information about me sich as my phone number and address.I'm scared.I...

712 views · Love & Relationships

Ron Paul, Republican, Says States Have Right to Legalize Pot??

Is this the kind of thing that had the republican government under Bush going the other way on traditional republican values (especially states rights?). It's interesting to me that he said while states should legalize and regulate, people should *not*...

40 views · Politics & Law

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