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What to do when I'm 27, 5'7'', 148lbs, and too fat for my husband?

I searched everywhere to answer this... and got nothing... as I said in the title... im 5'7", and 148 pounds... my husband says I am fat and there fore ugly... litterly... he's off at the golf course most days and evenings... he comes calls home, expec...

89 views · Love & Relationships

What do you think of the song I wrote?

Well, its for my girlfriend.. It doesnt' have a title.. But she told me she loved it [:

Lovin' you is like lovin a goddess
I will be truthful, I will be modest..
Matter of fact, let's just call it honest..

Dreamin of you at night
Thinkin of you at d...

34 views · Art, Writing & Literature

How stupid are the Big Three CEO's?

The CEO's of Chrysler, Ford, and GM took luxury rides in private jets on their way to their Congressional hearings to ask for a multi-billion dollar bailout, rather than spending a couple hundred bucks on economy, or even a few hundred on first class a...

27 views · Politics & Law

How can I impress the basketball coach during tryouts?

does anyone know anyway I can impress the basketball coach cause tryouts are the day after thanksgiving and I need to know what to do to get on freshmen basketball team I'm 6'3 160 pounds I think I'll have a better chance of making the team then everyo...

291 views · Sports & Activities

What is this music video called?

Ok, I've been trying to remember this old song for ages now and it's driving me crazy!!
I can't think of the name of the band, the title or how the song goes!!! All I can remember is the music video, and that it was done in that plasticine animation. ...

31 views · Music

How to start saving some money?

Alright. I posted this question before but didn't get a large response. I'm engaged, 23 years old, graduated from undergrad in May 2007. I am finishing my masters (will be done in may) and already work full time and receive benefits. My fiance has one ...

26 views · Jobs & Money

A poem I wrote the other day, is it good?

Poem Title: I Simply Shudder.


I shudder at the thought of your voice.

The way you talk so calm,

even when your feeling at your worst.

I love how you reassure me everything will be okay,

and hold me

while I weep silently,

in your gentle gra...

11 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Blocked vein in breast.. I guess.. *please answer*

I updated this question yesturday but for some reason it was removed due to the title anyways I'm 18 and ie been on b.c for about a little over a year now. About maybe 7 months ago I cant remeber I noticed a smallish round bump in my left breast very c...

170 views · Health

We would like to make the world a better place, what to do?

Personally, I'm serious about having my business improve the world. I think we already do, with our hundreds of questions and nearly thousand answers per day.

However, I'd like to do more. Should FunAdvice hug trees? Go carbon neutral? Donate money ...

54 views · FunAdvice Community

How Do You Hide the fact that you're reading a "Dirty" Book? Or should you hide it?

I had this predicament recently when I was taking the bus to work. The book I was reading is called "Permanent Obscurity," but the title is not the problem, it's the cover, which looks .... dirty. And I guess the book IS dirty.

It's a good book, re...

35 views · Art, Writing & Literature

What is the name of this show I saw as a kid?

Okay first off WTF happened to funadvice. It used to be better and simpler to just ask a damn question and now they're getting all technical with it (which is why my question title sounds oh so homo) anyways...with that aside, so theres these online cl...

30 views · Entertainment

Should I leave college to chase my dreams?

im 17 years old now and im in college, I started when I was 16 and turned 17 in november. I dont know if college is the right place for me. I've always gotten so impacient with my education that I just get bored and then when I try to get things up to ...

117 views · Education & School

Which is better way to start investments in US , life insurance or mutual funds?

Its definitely not life insurance. In life insurance, none of the money belongs to you. Life insurance is a tool to provide income to your family in case you die, not as a savings tool to save for long term goals. If you ever needed to take money out, ...

19 views · Jobs & Money

why are US citizens always the whinners?

an hour into reading controversial stuff about video games (mostly about the GTA titles) I noticed something odd... most (if not all) the problems of adult content in video games is brought up by US citizens, for example, there is the new GTA 4 mod wit...

42 views · Gaming & Games

My husband is a liar!

I have been married for four years now. Throughout the marriage my husband has lied to me time and time again. Sometimes not lies but just not telling me things that he has done. Like taking out a home equity loan for $70,000 in my name. He lost hi...

154 views · Love & Relationships

What?! My 19 year old sister is getting married to a jerk!?

Sorry about the title, haha. Anyways, my 19 year old sister just broke the news yesterday that she is getting MARRIED...NEXT TUESDAY! to her as*hole of a boyfriend who's 18

We have had some rough times with them being together, he is immature and a ...

75 views · Parents & Family

How can I control my anger while at school?

O.k I have two problems.Here is the first one: Since 7th grade I have had this annoying,sarcastic teacher in 1st and 2nd period.I don't like to read out-loud to the class but he makes me do it a lot...everytime we read.It makes me feel stupid and I am ...

33 views · Education & School

What do you think of my poem?

I know it sucks. You don't have to tell me, lol. But it's pretty much the first poem I've written (well, as a "spare time" kind of thing, at least). I was just wondering what you thought of it, and feel free to give suggestions. (It has no title... yet...

5 views · Art, Writing & Literature

What song should I use for the intro of a video about music?

So I have to make a video about music for school and right now I'm working on the intro. Obviously, because my project is about music, I need to include music. During the whole project I'll be talking about early forms of music and how it evolved (musi...

38 views · Music

Fun things to do at a sleep over??

I have some ideas here but would like to hear more...
Prank call an auto body or a grooming salon, if no answer leave a funny message.
Sing country/bluegrass while doing a paddy-whackin' knee slap.
Standing long jump contests while balancing moose ant...

50 views · Entertainment

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