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Do I have a good singing voice or am I a joke?

22 views · Music


please answer!!

95 views · Computers & Tech

tots tv- who is the voice over for tiny ?

I was watching tots tv and I'm in love with tiny's voice, who plays his voice ?

69 views · Music NSFW

How is UP the movie filled with lessons on how to pursue...?

How is the movie UP filled with lessons on how to pursue a life of passion, purpose, and principal?

11 views · Entertainment

Voices telling me to do bad things

What should I do if I hear voices telling me to do bad stuff and I dont know what to do

64 views · Health

Whose got a better voice avril lavigne or leona lewis?

Whose got a better voice avril lavigne or leona lewis?

54 views · Music

How to get my voice back?

I have had a sore throut for 2 days and now I have lost my voice ..

how can I get it back . .

437 views · Health

Why do I sound totally different when I record my voice?

And which one do i really sound like?

32 views · General Knowledge

Why have I still got a high voice?

I am 15 and all my friends have got deep voices but I have still got a high voice. Is there anything I can do or do I just have to wait?

25 views · Health

Pole dancing lessons.

Where can my girl get pole dancing lessons? She wants to learn how, but is there somewhere that teaches this?

18 views · Education & School

Electric guitar lessons

I want to learn to play electric guitar. Does anyone know where I can
find guitar lessons?

12 views · Music

How can I improve my voice?

I love singing and I'd like to sing for other people but my voice is rather depressing.

36 views · Music

Guitar Lessons

Does anyone know any good free online guitar lesson websites? thx

8 views · Music

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