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Van rental

Walmart vs. Home Depot

I am painting my room and I need to buy some supplies. It is a rental so I don't want high end. Which store is cheaper to get supplies Walmart or Home Depot?

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What shoes are these?

I want to know what type of shoes they are thel look like a mix of vans and chucks please help ill put a pic up on my defult

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Urgent! please help

Does anyone know who is going to be at the Vans Warped Tour on 7/7 in Noblesville Indiana at the Verizon Wireless Music Center?

please please help. It will be GREATLY appreciated.

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Look weird?

I'm a girl and I loveee skinny jeans and I have these adorable vans with pink penguins on them...what I'm getting at is would it look weird if I wore them with my skinny jeans??? And if so any suggestions for shirts that would look good

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Top 5 guitarists?

Just opinions. heres my list:

1. Slash
2.Angus Young
3.Eddie Van Halen
4.Jimmy Page
5.Dave Murray

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How Can I Dress More Jerking (The New boys Style)?

I Dress Like A Jerker, Or W.e. You call it. and I need new thing that are more than the skinny jeans and vans and, g shock. do you have any new styles that your can recomend to me? get back at me if you can.

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Just wondering what is you style like???

On clothes ... Do you wear skinny jeans,vans,a color shrite... I like skinny jeans with doll baby shoe's and a girly shrit on and some days I wear black all the time soo I am random!!!=] how about you???

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Where should I go for spring or christmas break?

ok my family doesn't know where 2 go for spring or christmas break so I need some ideas because my rentals said that if they culdn't think of anything me and my bro culd choose . . .

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Gossip girl hair

I am in love with serena van der woodsen's hair on gossip girl. I can curl my hair and all but it never quite has that easy and relaxed look that see does and thats what really really want. Any suggestions?

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Tax consequences of" real estate swap"

tthanks for your advice on capital gains taxes- it was very helpful. I don't want to push my luck, but here is another question- I have three rental units ( I live in noeof them),and would like to sell two of them in order to buy a two family house. In...

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Where can my husband work with a felony record?

Hi My husband is looking for a job but everybodys turning him down because of his backround. You said you know some agencies or something. Well we live in the Van nuys area do you have anything for that?

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Help thiefs in neighborhood

Ok tonight I was down the street walking home and I seen 2 guys buy my moms work van they were by the gas tank like they were trying to steal gas what should my mom do

7 views · General Knowledge

How to clean these shoes?

I have plain white vans and there are like two dirt spots on them. I want to clean it but I dont know how. I dont want to wash it thou. I tried tide to go, but it didnt work. any suggestions??

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how does capitol gains work?

I have an apartment complex with 6 rentals and I am losing my behind on taxes and a very honest accountant that I swear is working for the IRS sometimes. A buddy of mine that does the same thing said that he gets by on capitol gains. How does this work?

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Ok need new clothes, what place sells these?

Ok need new clothes
What place sells:
Vans wristbands
Studded belts
Black and white plastic bracelets
Band t-shirts
Skinny jeans
And make up
Dont say hot topic!!!
My mom has to always come to the mall with me sooo annoying!!!
Im 13 soo s...

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What car should I get

What kind of car should I get . I have 3 kids and I need sumthin affordable and nice ..I was looking at the 07 yukon .mini vans are out of the question I cant oush that ,,,lol any ideas..gas is a plus to it needs to be good on gas

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need help answering inkheart questions!

1 why does basta and the magpie remain when the other characters disappear?
2 why did fenoglio disappear at the end?
3 why does Maggie feel more at home in Mo's van than in her house?

91 views · Art, Writing & Literature

What should my AIM screenname be?

do you have any ideas for me a screen name for aim? im tottally stumped I don't know what it should be.
im 13, my lucky # is 11, I play volleyball, basketball, and softball, I luv checkered vans ,and I luv dogs if that helps. please help me.

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Does anyone know where I can watch avalon high the movie for free?

Ok so i read the book and now want to se the movie but i can't find it anywhere. I would go rent it but there are no rental place sep redboxes and they dont have them.

47 views · Entertainment

Is it illegal to keep the security deposit if damages were paid?

I moved out of a rental in Jan. I allowed someone to take over my lease and use my deposit. The landlord send a security deposit transmittal and charged me for damages. When the next tenants moved out she also charged them for the damages. I know it is...

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