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What does it mean when someone says that they have cable television?

I know it sounds like a strange and stupid question, but in my country we have 3 varients of television you can get depending on what you can affort, normal, m-net and DSTV. What is cable, what else do you guys have except for cable and is it more expe...

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How to hook up PS3 internet useing ethernet cable?

how do you hook up the PS3 to the internet useing the ethernet cable? Apparently it has to go in a LAN port, well my modem only has one LAN port and its being used by my computer of course... Does your computer have to be online at the same time to...

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Where's a wiring diagram for EZGO 19?

I have a cart that some one else tried to fix a faulty reverse switch & I think they wired it completely wrong. For one the reverse alarm sounds when you put it in forward. For two I am not getting power to the motor at all.
I need help.
Mike Brummett

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Can you use frost wire for ipods?

okay so I have a pink ipod nano but its kinda skinny and the taller one,anyways I want more music on it but I don't know how I go about doing that.
should I use frost wire,or limewire.
I used itunes also,but im not going to pay for thousands of songs...

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Can I file a complaint if I believe the cable technician stole something from me?

I have searched my room from top to bottom for my phone's USB cord that hooks it up to my laptop, but I can't find it anywhere. The only possibility is, the cable company Charter in Victorville's technician stole it from my desk because it never leaves...

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oil press wire?

1999 295 ezgo, I have one wire left to hook up, its single wire that comes out from the back top of the engine, could it be an oil pressure sending unit? where does it hook up on the cart? if that is not hooked up will the engine stay running? because ...

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Qwest refused to illegally wire tap Americans months before 9/11

Turns out, the Bush administration had the NSA wiretapping phones illegally with the consent of our nations telecommunications firms nearly eight months prior to 9/11. The excuse given routinely by the administration is that the wiretapping followed 9/...

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The wire at the end of my brace is hurting me.

I got my braces tightened on my bottom teeth yesterday and theres a tiny little bit of wire that sticks out at the end of the brace and it's digging into my cheek.
It's really hurting!

What can I do to get it off or stop it hurting or digging in? I...

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Ways I can convince my parents to get cable back

Hey ik this sounds sooo selfish but my parents just recently got rid of cable and stuff and it been really bugging me..I start having fun then I remeber I dont have what I like and it bugs you have ways I can convince my parents to get it back ...

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Degus; wierd(more like wired) habbits

I just got these 3 degus the other day. they slept fine the first night, but now they wont sleep. the one just keeps flipping in circle trying to get out and clings to the wire top. its really loud and annoying and I don't know what to do. they aren't ...

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Why won't my LG USB cable work anymore?

I have had my cellphone LG KS360 for about 6 months and my USB cable worked fine. But suddenly 2 weeks ago I got: found new hardware wizard. And it says that I have to put in something were it came from or it's CD but sin it actually doesn't need a CD ...

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A wired boy

Right theres this boy that live were I live and he asked me out this year and I said yeh ok but the broke up with him because he was trying to hard and controling and so a couple of months he said hes in love with me and stuff I dont even know him tha...

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Router and free cable

I have just the 16mbps internet internet connection threw comcast in florida.,and didn`t order the cable t.v..but the cable is on and if I connected with a cable I could have free cable in my room.question is .in my room I`m connected to the router thr...

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Help setting up a wired DSL network

I have a Compaq Presario laptop and a Playstation 3. I'd like to have them both hooked up to my AT&T Yahoo DSL Internet at the same time. I've bought a Linksys 4 port DSL router (not wireless) but when I wire everything up and run the setup disk the ro...

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How to connect to the internet on my laptop via ethernet cable?

My PC is connected to a broadband modem, and uses Windows XP. My laptop runs on pre-paid internet data and uses Windows 7. Recently I removed the blue ethernet cable from my PC's modem and connected it to the slot in my laptop. Immediately my laptop co...

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cable bill arrived in name of husbands ex girlfiend, should I be a

Arrgghhhh! So, I'm a very insecure person, especially with my husbands ex girlfriend. They lived together 2 years ago and then she got in this traumatic car accident and was in the hospital for a long time. Well, he broke it off while she was in there....

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How do I get a signal from my router?

i have a laptop if i plug the a cable staight into computer from router i don't get any signal my downstairs computer gets signal from same router it is wire router

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Ps3 Lan help

Is there any way I can use a wire or cable that would make 2 PS3's connect together and would make it work like a lan network ? Because I cannot find a lan cable that is 15-20 m long, and that is the lan cable I require.

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if you are smart enough!!!

A 120 wire cable has been laid firmly underground between two telephone exchanges located 10km apart.

Unfortunately after the cable was laid it was discovered to be the wrong type, the problem is the individual wires are not labeled. There is no visua...

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How can I get my local area connection to work?

Okay so I my computer started like popping up at the bottem with 2computers and a ex on it .but I got wirless and its okay but it says the local area network cable is unplugged when I went to the other computer all of the wires was plugged up so can an...

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