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What are all the signs of a cavity?

What are the signs of a does it feel what does it look like any what else..Can you get a cavity if you had root canal a year ago?And if you were just at the dentist March 25th and she didnt see any cavities do you have them now?

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Do I have a cavity?

I don't know if I have a cavity. I think I might, and it hurts sometimes. I went to the dentist 3 months ago, and it still hurt then, but I didn't have any cavities. I've had about 5 cavities in my lifetime.

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Why does it hurt between some of my teeth?

Im getting wisdom teeth in so is it true that it is moving the teeth down to make room and putting pressure?I've been to the dentist like three times.

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why does my breathe always taste horrible?

after I brush my teeth they taste great! until about an hour later. why is it like this? my dentist say I have good teeth and gums so I dont understand :/

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How can I be motivated to floss my teeth?

The dentist told me to try to floss my teeth, but I cant find any motivation.
Im so lazy, I just blow it off.
I know I should, but that doesnt change anything.
So what can I do? Any ideas?

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How can I strengthen my gums?

I was supposed to get braces a couple of months ago because I got teeth removed at the back of my mouth so now everything needs shifted back.
Anyways so I went and got all the orthodontist work done and he sent me to my dentist to make sure it was oka...

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What is a good way to stop stress?

So, I went to the dentist today,, because whenever I brush my teeth they bleed like everywhere. && soon I gotta go to the docs, because I have this lump in my side. So my dentist says, that stress is whts causing me all these health problems.. && my mo...

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what is your wisdom teeths?

and do you really have to them remove?, cause i think i got mine and im really afraid of the dentists, cause i know it hurt a lot :(. so like can i live with mine still in?

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Should I get my silver filling replaced?

Should I get my silver fillings replaced?? They leave a bluish mark on my teeth. Also does anyone have any advice on what to do for a toothache?? I already went to the dentist. I had a few cavities then, but not on that tooth.

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im in pain what to do pls help?

I'm from the Dentist now to take out my useless wisdom tooth,what can I do right now to calm down the unbearable pain that I'm feeling now as I'm writting this question to you for special help.

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How long do you have to keep your Spacers in?

Hi, I am just curious. I went to the orthodontics yesterday August 23rd, 2008, for a check up on my teeth. I was told that I have to get Braces because I used to suck my tongue and it cause my front teeth to be pushed outwards. The orthodontic put in s...

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How to reduce the pain?

I havent got a cavity in 10 years and after going to the dentist today....i have a little one so if that wasnt heartbreaking enough I'm getting it filled, i want to know if there is any way to reduce the pain of the needle they give you before they sta...

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Is there an inexpensive way to whiten teeth?

I just started using crest whitening strips for my teeth, they seem to be working some. Does anyone know of a good brand or a less pricey procedure at the dentist to whiten teeth??

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arrghhh I've had toothache all night and all day today and its sooo sore
anyone know how to get rid of it except from going to the dentist? (I have an appointment in 3 weeks)

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How to help a toothache from home?

Got real bad gum,teeth ache , and cant get in dentist, how do I get rid of the pain as in agony . I've got senstive teeth aswellx

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How can I decrease the swelling and pain of an abscess in my cheek?

(I am on antibiotics and prescripion pain pills and have a dentist appointment for next week (The earliest they could get me in), but my cheek is still badly swollen and I am still in pain)

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Is there anyway my friend can get braces, with the state paying for them?

my friend, is telling me on facebook about how she needs braces, but her parents wont pay for it, and how her dentist says she needs them badly, but yet, her parents wont. any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Can you bleach your teeth at home?

So i need to know how to make your own bleaching trays? I have the bleach but not the trays, i know you can go to the dentist or go to a drugstore and buy onesizefits all trays, but i dont want to spend the money. How do i make them on mine own? is thi...

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When will the numbness of my tongue go away?

My tongue is numbed since I saw my dentist 3 months ago. He caught my nerve on the side of my tongue with novocaine. Can you please let me know how long will it take to go away?

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Tooth taken out

Im having my tooth out tomorrow and im scared it will hurt :'( my tooth is infected and when I went to the dentist before they didnt give me enough of the numbing fing they put in and it really hurt when she drilled into my tooth :o any advise . . . ..

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