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Does anyone have any realtor marketing ideas?

I am a Realtor and I am looking for new ways to market. Does anyone have any cute sayings like to put on candy bars or inexpensive items such as "Want a sweet deal call..." and sticking it on a Hershey bar?

Thank you in advance.

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Has the real estate market bottomed out?

I was talking to a realtor friend the other day, and she was saying how the market was going to come back now. Has the real estate market bottomed out? It seems to me like the market has a ways to fall still before purchase prices come back in line wit...

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Are arm mortgages still a good idea in this real estate market?

A few people have said that the market has bottomed out to me. If that is the case, shouldn't arm mortgages be a good idea, as the market will rebound, I'll make money, and then be able to refinance after having gained some equity, and potentially not ...

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What's the difference between a mixed, traditional, and command market?

If you could explain it in a way a 9th grade student could understand it. I've searched all over and I can't comprehend what any if them mean. My guest:

Traditional - based on beliefs, customs, habits, etc.

Market - what's popular..competition a...

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Does anybody know how I can get how-to information on making money with the stock market for beginners?

I'm interested in making money with the stock market like my daddy did when he was alive, but I don't know how to do it or where to begin and I would be a beginner at this. I don't have a job but I make pocket change by selling stuff at yard sales and ...

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What to do with a finance degree now that the markets are dead?

I have a bachelors of finance and 3 years experience at a brokerage firm. I'd like to transition into somethign else, even something like financial investigator for the CIA. I'm having trouble figuring out what is good. Anyone have ideas about what to...

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Anyone else take a hit in the stock market?

I guess its my fault for trying. but im a noob in the stock market, I've been messin with it for about 4 months now. and I just happend to buy a couple day's before it dropped big, just my luck right, lol. just checking to see how everyone else is d...

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Are TV shows and movies predictors of financial markets?

There was an article saying that this was indeed the case. Are TV shows and movies predictors of financial markets? The article was in Money magazine, and said that anytime hollywood or a major network makes a show on something financial related such a...

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How do you think the Apple iPad will do in the educational market?

The iPad seems well-poised to dominate the educational market. Textbooks are so expensive and this product can serve as a textbook, multimedia tool, entertainment system, and provides internet connectivity.

Adequate content is key, though. Do you fe...

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Who knows about the stock market?

I just got my tax returns and it's a nice chunk of change (for once) I want to invest it in the stock market, mutaul funds, and the money market but with the rise and fall of out economy...well I have know clue if it's a good idea, basically I don't wa...

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Does anyone know about the Pete's County Market pump perks card?

A friend of mine told me a little bit about the Pete's County Market pump perks card and that it saves you gas if you buy from County Market. I mentioned to him that I wanted one of those cards and being the sweetheart he is, he went and got one for me...

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Video game development question, how to market games?

me and my bro have been producing two new games . they are complete and practical. We want to introduce them to the world but we dont know where to begin and we are scared to show our plan to our country games ministry because we know they will take it...

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Real Estate Market Going Sideways?

I asked before if it was a slowdown, but now I'm thinking the real estate market is going sideways from what I'm seeing - houses in my neighborhood haven't gotten any more expensive for a while, and on next to my son's day car just went back on the mar...

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What happens during a braces consultation ?

I have been told by my doctor that I need to get braces because my jaw is giving me really bad ear pains and that's my only solution. So I did some research on local orthodontics and asked a lot of my friends who have braces and it was a clear decision...

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What is the best rechargeable battery on the market right now with the highest energy density?

Still working on my sons RC airplane and we want to turn it into a FPV but the thing has to go on a diet to carry the extra equipment. I need a battery chemistry that will give me the most energy for the weight. From my research it looks like Li-Poly P...

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Can a convicted felon work in business or marketing?

I am an honest hardworking female w/ an a.o.s in business/marketing i was convicted of a non violent non money felony that my ex boyfriend commited but (gotta love the term guilty by association) and am having a very hard time finding a job i am extrem...

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Do you know why the housing market is cooling off so fast?

I was just reading a news story on Yahoo! News about the housing market cooling off, and this quote sums it up pretty well: "sharpest deceleration in house price appreciation since the beginning of the OFHEO's index in 1975".

Gosh, reading that, I'm...

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Housing Market?

I just bought a house, and when I told one of my friends what it cost, he thought it was the deal of the century.

It's a 3 bedroom, 3 level house, with sunporch, attached garage, shed, large backyard, brand new wood burning stove with air filter, an...

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Looking for an email marketing tool, either website or software,..

Looking for an email marketing tool, either website or software as long as it can help me send to a huge mailing list.

I have tried Gmail Nevertheless, it just enables u to send 1000 emails in twenty four hrs: (Yahoo, Hotmail etc are all scrap, they...

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Felony Job Market

I have a burglary felony, now I know that sounds terrible but the story is not that bad. My fatther and I had a gun collection. I was trading and selling guns with him. One day he comes home and finds that there a couple missing. He calls the cops ...

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