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What should I be when I grow upp ?

I d k What I wanna be when I grow up , can you give me career choices ? Like fun, exiting , like a firefighter? Or a lawyer ? Just not too boring. And I LOVE sience ? But I HATE blood and needles lol. Yes im complicated .

12 views · Science

She's Using My Son to Control Me. Legally, what can I do?

My ex came back into my life five years after she left me. As it turns out, she'd had my child. She stayed with me for about five months, then she left, leaving him with me. Its been six months since he's seen her and neither him or I have ever been ha...

38 views · Parents & Family

Parental rights of an inactive father

My son's father has not seen or supported our son in over a year. He was abusive towards me when we were together and uses drugs. Can I petition the court to have his parental rights terminated? If so how would I go about getting the paperwork? I can't...

42 views · Parents & Family

I live in Arkansas and I want to get emancipated

I'm sixteen and I live in Arkansas and I want to get emancipated. Do I have to pay for a lawyer? Do I have to be seventeen? Can I live with my boyfriend? Any general information would be helpful. I've tried looking the info up on the internet but the l...

35 views · Parents & Family

Can cops follow you and pull you over for nothing?

Can a police officer follow you for over 2 miles then pull you over for no reason?
Yesterday I purchased beer with a fake ID and the cop followed me out of the grocery store parking lot for at least 2 miles then pulled me over and gave no reason for pu...

1118 views · General Knowledge

Should I have gotten a petition or divorce papers by now from my spouse (I live in Georgia)?

Back on June 16th, my husband called to let me know he was up and he mentioned the fact he cheated on me (wasn't the first time and won't be the last) and told me he didn't want to keep doing that too me and leave me in the dark and make me wait on him...

26 views · Politics & Law

Immigration Help...filing the G-325A form

Hi, I'm in the process of filing the G-325A form with my husband. I'm trying to see if anyone has any advice on how to fill it out and on what is the best method to go about it. My husband and I don't have the money to pay a Lawyer, so we are doing eve...

108 views · Politics & Law

Should my son take a prison deal or go to trial?

Let me start off by thanking you in advance.

I have a son (22 years of age)that could be going to prison. There are three people being charged for 1st degree robbery really it was a drug deal gone bad. They offered him 3 years with a lid. This is a p...

100 views · Kids

How can I get a job with a forgery on my record?

I have been charged with forgery, not convicted, this was my first time ever being in trouble, I am so scared. I was driving a car with the tags expired, the tags were fake on the car, I am trying to get it dismissed but I cannot find a job so that I ...

84 views · Jobs & Money

Desprete for help :(

I want to go to College, but I dont know what I want to do.

I mean I have such passion for video & audio but most say I should be a lawyer.

I want some thing that makes loads of money & where I can do what I love to do.

I dont want to just sit aroun...

45 views · Jobs & Money

What did you think of the new TV show human target if you've seen it?

Apparently, it's based on a DC comic, we just finished watching the first season, apparently Fox is brining it back for a second season soon...the main character was on Boston Legal before, I think, as one of the lawyers. I think he fits this role much...

15 views · Entertainment

How am I able to move out of my moms house with out her concent?

I want to know when I turn 17 if its legal in the state of Illinois to move out of my mothers house with out her concent or having to move back and just live with my boyfriend and his aunt/uncle in the same town. My boyfriend is 4 years older then me a...

60 views · Parents & Family

Career Suggestions.

I'm a grade 11 student . I just needed someone else's input on my ideas. We have to start thinking about career ideas so I can get all my credits in highschool. 2 careers I have chosen is a Lawyer & Ultrasound tech. But I feel like theres something els...

42 views · Education & School

funny ad

I was watching this advertisement about a lawyer and it was kind of funny because its about a man working painting a building and then he sees his partner in a big car with women and party everything and he said he won a sue to the company and he can p...

14 views · Jobs & Money

Who thinks this may be a bit much for me too keep up with?

So I'm going into grade 10 next year and I'm kinda worried about the classes I'm choosing. I either want too be a lawyer or social worker.. My classes are
3.Advanced English
6.Philosphy(eleven) ...

37 views · Education & School

Can I, a mere mortal, get to Yale?

Can I get to, say, Yale Grad School given that I'm 20, speak 4 languages and that I'm most likely graduating magna cum laude with a diploma in Linguistics? On the other hand, I'm not a US citizen and I don't really have much money. From what I've heard...

38 views · Education & School

What if I don't know what I want to do with my life?

Ok so im really worried because im in yr 9 and everyone is talking about what there doing when they leave school and what they want to work as for the rest of their life but I havent got a clue about mine, I mean I've thought about it but I cant seem t...

53 views · Education & School

She left with our child

My girlfreind and our 3 year old child left me a month ago. We had a fight and we have been fighting for weeks. No a hitting fight. At first she said she no longer loved me and would never live with me again. Lately she has stated she needs time. I...

12 views · Love & Relationships

How do I become a solister ???

Hello im 13 and want to become a solister in the near future but I have no idea what gcse's I need to take and what I should be doing to makes sure that I have a high chance of becoming one if anyone can help I would really appersate your help as this ...

34 views · Education & School

How can I get guardianship or custody of my brother?

okay so I am trying to get cusstody of my brother who lives with my mom and she is abusing him along with her b/f of 9 years. they brainwash him, they drug him, they treat him poorly. I need to know how I would go about getting guardianship or custody ...

37 views · Parents & Family

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