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Golf courses construction

Who knows what courses you need to become a psychiatrist?

Does anyone know if you need math courses like calculus and stuff to become a psychiatrist or something else along that line?

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Are business and engineering some good courses to major in, in college?

I definitely want to major in business, and I would also like to do engineering. I was wondering if these are two good courses to major in, when I get into college. Should I major/minor in other courses too?

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Health and social course kicked me out, how to get back on?

I was doing a health and social course and I really enjoyed it but because I had a reprimand on my crb they kicked me out. Is there any other way I can get back on the course? Please help im worried

Please help im me... Please please

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Who can help .the course of industrial revolution(american histor)?

Can anyone please help I keep failing this.

Describe the course of the industrial revolution. Was this a positive or negative series of events? Why or why not?

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Golf clubs

How much is a Walter Hagen Haig Ultra driver?
The number on it is a 5.
So please help me, and the model is 66430

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English course

Who likes English in school? I'm taking technical writing and english communications this semester at WSU Tri-cities.

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Where is the last red coin on mario 64 , course 1?

please I need help its stressing me out lol ,, . I need to find the very last red coin I cant find it . some how ?

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How would you all design your own house, if money and construction were not obstacles?

Use your imagination! I bet we could see some real creative ideas here.

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What would be an okay score in golf?

Would a score of 53 be an "okay" score for a 9-hole game? For a 9-hole game what scores would be considered excellent, very good, okay, not good, and terrible? Same for 18-hole. thanks.

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my girlfriend hit me in the head with a golf ball

Um hi um my girlfriend hit me in the noodle with a golf ball when she was teeing off. I am outraged and flabergasted. What should I do now? Should I tell her she is a dummy?

please help,

golf ball hitted guy

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Golf Video Game

I am interested to play online game. I have played many online game like carrybeans online. I have not so far come across any online golf video game. I am ready to pay for this. Any site or information on which I can play golf video game. Thanks.

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how many courses do I need to take to have self defense?

I dont know how to fight, so I dont know how many courses do I need to have self defense just in case, I mean I have to take all the courses to be a black belt or something or with a few courses would be alright. What do you think.

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Where can you find exercises, courses or tutorials for free, to teach technical writing?

A lot of the "Wanted" ads in my area call for technical writers and editors...

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Are titleist golf clubs the best or is there another one?

I've read a review of titleist golf clubs in a golfing magazine recently, and want to know if titleist golf clubs are the best ones? If not, can somebody tell me what brand of golf club I should buy? Thanks!

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1985 ez go electrice golf cart question

I Have a 1985 ez go electric golf cart and would like to know if you can change it from 6 volt to a 12 volt and about much would it cost?

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beginners Motorbike short course

I want to go on a short motorbike mechanics course. Just a little taster, maybe 6 to 8 weeks. Does anyone know of one in Chicago?

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When do you think the Al Buj will start construction?

When do you think the Al Buj will start construction?
They were supposed to start in 2007?
They keep degrading their building from 1600 meters to 1200 meters to 1050 meters to 800 meters to 700 meters.
What's up with that?
How about that 1001 meter bui...

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I cant decide what career or course to do

Fashion, Psychology, Journalism, I cant decide to be a designer, journalist, psychologist, teacher, any advice to help me chose please? x

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Which of these design courses is better?

I have no idea which to choose . Help ?
• Art & Design Fundamental Studies • Multimedia Design
• Illustration Major • Interior Design Major
• Advertising & Graphic Design • Digital Animation Major

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Is it possible for hymen to break after having alot of sexual courses?

I had a sexual intercourse today and it was my last day of period but suddenly alotttt of blood appeared. I'm not sure what it is.

9 views · Sex

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