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Who know a lot of signs using the keyboard ?

How who know a lot of signs using the keyboard

60 views · Computers & Tech

is £17,000 a lot to make in a year?

40 views · Jobs & Money

Is it wrong to be horny a lot almost all the time?

60 views · General Knowledge NSFW

Does a hand web piercing catch a lot?

25 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

Who loves r&b a lot?

Who loves r&b over all of the other music groups?

35 views · Music

Anyone else Love Linkin Park?

I do!!!

9 views · Music NSFW

What's a school appropriate song that has a lot of meaning in it?

and what does the song mean?

145 views · Music

south park favourite character?

who's your fave character?

11 views · Entertainment NSFW

Why do a lot of people like Hello Kitty?

57 views · General Knowledge

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