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Criminal defense lawyers

What do you think of criminals doing billing for toll roads?

I heard this morning on the news that they are not only making you pay to drive on the roads you paid for, now they are going to give the money to criminals who are in incarcerated taking jobs from Americans.

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When police are the real criminals?

Can someone help me. Im writing a propsal paper on police brutality and im doing a paragraph about how police are actually the real criminals becuase they break the law and etc...I need more information on what to write about or some websites that can...

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Law and Order Criminal Intent watchers!

What was the three signs from the latest episode that meant that that kid was suicidal.
There was the infinity sign, the oval wit the sqwiggly in the middle, and there was one more
what was it?

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What website can I go to, to do a criminal background check for free?

I was needing to do a criminal background check on a couple of people and is looking for a website that will let me do that for free and it doesn't cost anything to sign up either. Does anybody know of one I can go to? Thanks!

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Do criminal law schools have a running program?

In order for me to go to college I need to get a scholarship for cross country. Do regular private schools (Princeton) have Forensic Psychology classes?

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Are there any self defense classes in Victorville or Apple Valley?

My mom and sister told me last night was a test, and in general, I need to learn how to really defend myself. Know any places Moe?

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How come when criminals do something, they lie to the police?

How come when criminals do something, they lye to the police?
Are they too scared to admit their mistakes? Or what?
Just wondering. If I had my way, I'd tell the police the truth. I might feel just as guilty about telling them as much as the criminals ...

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Whats a good colledge to go to become a lawyer

I'm 13 and I was wondering what would be a good law school to go to. I have like a 3.8 to 3.9 gpa, I have high A's in all my classes and I want to get prepared early so I know what to do when im 18. I want to be a criminal lawyer that handles civic and...

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Why object to 'Defensive' missiles ?

Today (5/29/07) - Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov said "As of today, Russia has new tactical and strategic complexes that are capable of overcoming any existing or future missile >>>> defensive <<<< systems - Why the objection to 'De...

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What is the name for one who works with criminally insane?

Ok so I plan on majoring in Psychology when I graduate high school. I want be a psychologist that deals with the criminally/mentally insane. What kind of psychologist is that called? Do not say criminal or forensic psychologist because that is NOT what...

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How much jail time for abortion if it were criminalized?

This question came up recently in a forum I frequent. The question is: Many people believe abortion is wrong, and should be criminalized. If it is, how much jailtime for women who get abortions anyway?

I'd appreciate any answer, be it pro or anti a...

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How to become a lawyer?

Im 14 and going into high school next year. I've decieded that I want to be a lawyer when I get older. But I wanna know more about the career.
Does anybody know anything about the school needed, how long it takes to become one, the income, and how to ...

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Democratic leaders are poised to gut America's missle defense, why?

I read where Democratic leaders are poised to gut America's missile defense - at the same time North Korea and Iran are testing long-range missiles that can strike the U.S. and its allies, including Israel, Japan and Britain. Does this make any sense t...

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Criminal Record

I am planning on a applying for a new job. I recently got picked up by the police for possesion of alcohol under the legal age. Will this effect my chances of getting a job, if not a small job could it effect a career I maybe interested in in the futur...

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Lawyer or Law Students Advice?

I'm fifteen and would really like to study Law in the future.
The only trouble is do I need to be a straight A/B student for this and really clever or can I get by on motivation and ambition?
Also I was wondering doesn anyone have any advice as to what...

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How to get a lawyer to become emancipated?

k I need to get emancipated like soon. im only 13 but my life is horrible. I ran away not too long ago. it didnt go so well. my mom takes everything away from me and she treatins to beat me. I need help.

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Can I work in the criminal justice field if my husband is a felon?

I heard that I cannot work as a probation officer or in any other criminal justice field if my husband is a felon?? He was convicted over 10 years ago for a drug charge he got as a teenager.

I am already enrolled in college for an AS in Criminal Ju...

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My boyfriend is a criminal, help?

I just recently discovered my boyfriend is in jal for shooting someone and selling drugs, I don't know what 2 do? he's gonna b in jail 4 2 years! he shot a guy cause he used his sister, but idc if he's some crimminal I love him!! help me please

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What are some castle defense games I can download?

you know those defense/castle defense games you can find on like newgrounds and other sites? the ones where you build archer towers and crap like that to defend your castle from waves of people?do they sell any games like that? like full games you can ...

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How important is it too have lawyer for disability?

I was told that I should hire a lawyer right from the start of applying for disability benefits. is this true? So many people have told me that they look back up to 5 years medical history and other people told me they only want too see new med histor...

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