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What is the best makeup primer with dimethicone in it?

<p>Dimethicone is a type of silicone, one of the most widely used in cosmetics, haircare and skincare. It also helps to fill in pores or fine lines, which is why you'll often find dimethicone on the ingredients list of primers. What is the best makeup ...

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Drs. Foster & Smith vs. Chewy

<p>Foster & Smith, Inc. is an American mail order and e-commerce pet supply corporation. Chewy is an online retailer of pet food and other pet-related products. Which website is best for purchasing items for your pets? </p>

31 views · Pets & Animals

Why is it that my left boob is a cupsize bigger than the right?

My left boob is a whole cupsize bigger then the right 14 years old and I've noticed this for about 2 years now it because im sleeping on it wrong? how can I even it out! will it stay like this for the rest of my life? how could I even th...

134 views · Health

Pre teen alternative clothing

My 10 year daughter likes wearing emo/ alternative clothing (she particularly likes tartan/ skinny jeans) but as she is only 137cm tall and has a 22inc waist most teenage clothes are too big. Any suggestions for retailers/ online stores/

79 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

How do I find a job with a felony on my record?

I have worked for over 30 years in retail with a perfect record and now because a lady lied now I have a felony. I plead no contest so she could not sue me. Now all I want to do is work and make a living. I do not want to lose my home because of this. ...

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Job At Ross

So I applied at Ross...
And they send me an email saying::

We have received your responses to the job questions related to the Retail Associate (3083) position. If there is a position that matches your background and experience you will be contacte...

16 views · Jobs & Money

Where can I find a fun upbeat job that wont bring me down?

Well Im still young..21..and I've been so stressed lately from my job. Obviously since I dont have a degree or anything yet and im still young I havent really had a steady serious job, just 5 or 6 different retail jobs and some babysitting on the side....

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Would you or wouldnt you circumcise your baby boy when he was born?

Im personally against unneccasary circumcisions and my son is not circumcised. There is no medical reason to remove a piece of his body, am i dont think cosmetic reasons are good enough. My fiance is an uncircumcised man, he has never had any problems ...

44 views · Health

A website for free stuff

Does anyone know a web site where I can get free jewlery, cosmetics, belts or nething? Totally free no credit card stuff I hate fruad sites..especially spam.

``and if you know 1 can you giiv me a review like what you thought about it...did you...

13 views · Computers & Tech

Mascara VS Lashes

Ok, Here's my problem: I love wearing cosmetics but my eyes have become super sensitive (probably due to Thyroid surgery 1 year ago). Anyway when I wear mascara after about an hour eyes start to hurt and tear up very badly. I have been thinking about t...

14 views · Beauty & Style

What do I do if my mom caught me playing with her makeup?

I am a teen and one day I was in my mom's bathroom playing with her make up(I was supposed to be having a bath) While I laid all the cosmetics on the table, she barged in the bathroom(I don't think I locked the door properly). I was so scared because s...

172 views · Parents & Family NSFW

Baby circumcision

I am having a little boy, so one of the questions is to circumsize or not to circumsize. I have no religious standings for it if I decided to do it. I know neither have health benefits better than the other, and it's mostly a cosmetic decision. At my h...

63 views · Parents & Family

what do you do when a employer passes you up for a promotion?

I have been with the company for three years and I have several theft charges that were 10 years ago they were all dropped to misdaminor, and now there is a openign for a key holder postion in retail and they are saying I need to wait another year when...

45 views · Jobs & Money

Skin care from the United Kington - Boots No. 7

<p>No7 is a brand of anti-aging creams, skincare and cosmetic products developed by Boots UK. Boots UK is a pharmacy chain in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Thailand and other territories. These products are now being sold at drugstores in the Un...

5 views · Beauty & Style

I dont like to be alone

well I dont like to go to places such as malls, resturaunts, retail stores, or anywhere really unless im with at least one other person. whenever I am out by myself I feel as if everyone is staring and judging me... I am not comfortable with the way my...

22 views · Health

What is an organic insect killer I can buy for my garden?

I always have insect problems with my organic garden, but I don’t feel like making organic insect repellents every year. Is there a retail product I can buy instead of spending so much time making my own insect control solution?
So far I found this ins...

21 views · Home & Garden

problems at work and how to solve them

I really need to talk to my boss about a problem I have with a supervisor from another department!?
however she is always busy plus this is a retail store so she doesn't have an office or phone that is just her. I don't want the other 11 manager to kn...

49 views · Jobs & Money

Im so stressed out

I work in a retail store and the person who is my co-worker give me a hard time working with her. she yells at me with no reason and I dont know what to do. the other day she even made me cry infront of everyone I dont know, should I queit my job. I ...

24 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Do you have public holidays in your country during Easter?

In Australia, we have public holidays on Friday 22nd April, Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th....Wednesday 27th April is when everyone is back at work (unless of course you are a shift worker). Most of the large retailers also closed on these three days. ...

70 views · General Knowledge

I hate my big hips

they're sooo huge, and it looks stupid because I'm only 5'1.

I look so out of proportion because I'm tiny with massive hips.
Is there anything I can do to make them smaller? Is there any cosmetic surgery they can do to make them smaller? I'm only 1...

107 views · Nutrition & Fitness

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