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Eviction, is this legal?

I have a friend who's family was told by their landlord that they had 24 hours to leave the trailer they were renting. In high school I took a class on business law and I am sure that a landlord has to give at least 30 days notice to a renter before ki...

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What was it in this commercial?

In a commercial you may have seen, who talked about how "anything can happen" in her daily life, and then used a credit card to deal with unexpected issues that arose, including a rental car that didn't meet her needs?
Was it
High school soccer coac...

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Why Can't My Man Cum?

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and a couple months. And have been having sex for 11 months. But I have not seen any actual cum come out his penis except for a lil bit of precum. Hes only 19 and says its cause hes been having sex a lot...

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I have a crazy landlord!!!

My landlod goes in and out of my house almost once a week without asking for permission. The neighbors tell me they see him in there a lot and he says hes doing maintence work (which nothing needs to be done) and is in there for over hours at a time! R...

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Cat Fleas

I have a rental property, the previous tenants had cats, kept the litter box in the unfinished basement, however the cats had the run of the house. The house was vacated 4-5 weeks ago to include cats. We cleaned house top to bottom to include basemen...

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Hello! My dad said he did this ultimate fasting diet, for 6 days, and only drank this maple syrup/kian pepper/lemonade drink the whole time. He also said you can do it for like 40 days. Is that true?

I know it's good the cleanse your body and stuff ...

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What business can I open given the location?

what kind of business can i start with minimum cash and get profit fast ?
the location that i have now is a 3 floor building, the first floor i cant use, thats why i am breaking my head on what kind of business to start. its usually better to use the ...

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What are good paintball tips?

ok im gunna go to camp this week(sunday) and im a major fanatic of paintball and at this camp they do a lot of paintball,im also very good at it I also know the whole course there by heart(before I leave the subject of how good I am I've taken out whol...

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Am I getting ripped off?

My husband and I recently signed a lease to house sit for 2 years. The deal is this: We pay $400 a month, take care of their cat, garden, plants, home, yardwork, shoveling snow, etc. They pay for all the utilities. They don’t want us doing anything to ...

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Roomate delemma please help

So this guy that has been staying with us for over six months is my boyfriends best friend, and he has never helped out with rent and he never picks up after himself, he is an all around bad house guest. I gave him a two week notice about 4weeks ago, h...

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I'll just jump straight to the point..

Few nights ago, I called up my fiance to ask what time is he reaching home.
We both are currently living together in a rental apartment. He told me he will
be home late as there was a held back at work.


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20th anniversary poem for my parents

Okay so for my parent's 20th anniversary, my brother, my sister and I saved up money to send them to a hotel called the broadmoore for 3 days and two nights on friday, april 11th. We want to tell them soon so they can change the reservations if needed,...

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What to do about my nasty, annoying neighbors???

Okay, I just moved in here about a year ago, and the people who live above me (2 family house) moved in about a month after me. Since they have been here, they have been nothing but trouble. They are loud, rude, and tactless. They don't blast music but...

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What should I do with my brother's unemployed situation?

So my brother and I "pay" an apartment together but the apartment is on his name when he got the apartment he did not put me on the lease because I was not working at the time which at that time I did not have to pay bills because my mom was with us. S...

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How to confront roommate?

Ok so I just noticed this morning the that $200 of the $250 I set a side for bills and rent at the beginning of this month wasn't in my lock box. I thought maybe I had knocked it out when digging for my spare key for my truck or maybe my roommate grab...

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haunted house

ok I have a few questions... first off is there any way too get the history of your house... we know my house is at leas 80 years old.. but I want too know if there is a way too get the exact build date??? this house was a rental house before we bought...

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Step mom treats me badly, how can I deal with it?

HI, I live in a family of 5. Me my dad, 2 real sisters, a step sister and a step mom. She treats me like im dirt. Her step daughter is the biggest H** in the WORLD and goes out with every guy in her school!! also her mom treats her like she is the quee...

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oppinion on aneroxics?

I no tis isnt a question but I seen this girl asking!!

***hay could you help me become anorexic please. how did you get skinny? lease tell me what you did. you look great***

Omg it just broke my heart reading it I have been aneroxic since 2001 an...

30 views · Health

My Mom Might Be Getting Sued

When I moved out from my dad's house (With Daniel,my bro and Cissie,my mom) we moved to an apartment. So we lived there for about 3 months,then moved back to my dad's. While I was living there a met a girl named Jadeah. Me and Jadeah became friends. My...

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need help to save my dads 1982 Rolis Royce

My father died on his birthday Dec. 20 2006 and left me his 1982 Silver cloud convertible Rolis Royce. We had it stored in one of my dads buildings and it was stolen. Living in Texas I thought it had probably been taken to mexico because nothing ever s...

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