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16 year boy night

3 Year Old Is Always Hungry At Night.

My three year old is always hungry at night what do I do to prevent this and to encourage him to eat more during the day?

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What gift can you I buy for a 1 year old boy.

I need to buy a gift to my nephew but he is only one year old what gift I can buy him
Any idea is welcome.

63 views · Shopping

What's a good present for a 16 year old girl?

Neither are having a sweet 16 so it doesnt have to be anything big.

41 views · Shopping NSFW

15 year old boy needs to get out

im 15 and I herd about emancipation, need to know if I can get emancipated in Arkansas

32 views · Parents & Family

Is clear sperm normal for a 14 year old boy

semen substance except its clear not white

901 views · Health

What should a 16 year old ask for xmas?

I dont no what to ask 4 for xmas!! Pleese help me by answering this question

108 views · Shopping

What do you think about a 16 year old girl and 27 year old man?

He has been with her since he was 26 and she was 15. Her daddy signed papers so they could get married. What do you think?

48 views · Love & Relationships

A birthday for a one year old boy ?

Mu cosine has a very cute baby boy and he will be one year old in 2 days , do you have any idea what to get him /?

41 views · Kids NSFW

How can I stop my 16-year-old sister from having sex?

I have a 16 year old sister who wants to have sex. I'm trying to talk her out of it but she does not want to lestin to me what do I do I dont want her to have sex

132 views · Sex NSFW

How would a 15 year old boy bulk up?

How would a 15 year old gain weight if he already eats in massive amounts

212 views · Nutrition & Fitness NSFW

Is babysitting a good job for a 14-year-old boy?

I am 14 years old and I want to make money so I can paintball each weekend. So I was wondering if babysitting is a good job for a 14-year-old boy?

52 views · Jobs & Money NSFW

What are ways I can seduce my 16 year old boyfriend if I'm 15?

I want to seduce my boyfriend but not actually have sex...if that makes sense...

327 views · Sex NSFW

Is this website's target audience under 16 years old?

Is this website's target audience under 16s? Most of the questions are about people aged 12-15.

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16 years

what will happen if we make sperms come out ?will it affect strength?and what if it comes simply ,unknowingly?will it affect strength?please answer

15 views · Health

jobs for 16 year olds

Where can I get a weekend job or summer job?
I live in bristol, please help x

48 views · Jobs & Money

What can I tell my 16 year old cousin who just told me my aunt and uncle are getting a divorce?

..What can i say to comfort her?

42 views · Parents & Family NSFW

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