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Why lot many people are afraid of death?

Could you give the answer why many individuals are afraid of death?

45 views · General Knowledge

What do you think of my portfolio?

Here is a pic of my beginning portfolio pieces. These are all cross stitch pieces. I have some more individual pics on my profile.

So... What do you think?

15 views · Beauty & Style

GCSE results 2009

Does anybody know a website which I can view all the gcse results for individual people for example my results?

38 views · Education & School

Can I find a therapist to aim?

Can I find a therapist to aim?
or talk back and forth to on funadvice?
I'd like help, or counseling.
and I dont have any kind of money.
I'm only a kid.
and im currently not in school so I can't exactly go to my school counseler.

21 views · Health

What are the communication needs of children in a group setting?

Compared with the needs of children within an individual basis
How can we help children communicate effectively

16 views · Education & School

Stop Dog From Biting

I have a 3 year old poodle who when he is punished he tends to bite after the individual. If you should play with his paws he bites at the individual. I have kids that are 4 years old and when they hug him he tends to growl as if he is getting mad.I wo...

49 views · Pets & Animals

Do you think boss is on warning

Steve asked if I could email you a copy of the letter he wrote to the ceo back in december 2007. Only for the letter he is sending you he omitted the names of the people involved and the companies names. He replaced them with new company, old company a...

39 views · Sex

What do you think of the two letters

Steve is definitely not a disgruntled employee. He just wants to alert the CEO about Yvette

April 15, 2008

Dear CEO

First I want to say that I am not saying I want any one fired. However, my ex-coworkers asked me to write another letter to y...

42 views · Sex

What's a multiple orgasm?

I've heard about them quite a lot but I've just thought, is it loads all happening simultaneously or is it having loads individually over time?

40 views · Love & Relationships NSFW

How old do you have to be to buy a lighter?

if I'm a 15 year old girl will I be able to purchase one of those little individual lighters?

235 views · Shopping

How much make?

Jsut wondering how much does an average school counseler make a year. And a social worker, and a regular theripist??

11 views · Education & School

Want to backup and restore my AD

Want a Active Directory Backup software that will allows us to backup or snapshot of our AD and restore individual users/objects from that backup

9 views · Computers & Tech

Why is anyone special?

In this world of such a mass of individuals why is anyone special or even significant?
Everyone is unique but how is one special in a mass of billions of people.

11 views · General Knowledge

how do I put songs into one album on itunes

I download the forrest ggump soundtrack and all the songs are not in the same album on itunes there all seperate as a individual songs .all the songs have forrest gump album under the album so how do I put the into one album

74 views · Computers & Tech

What are technologies that will help people with Cerebral Palsy?

Hi, im working on an assignment and was wondering if anybody knows any assistive technology for an elderly individual with cerebral palsy.

Dont worry im not asking you to do my homework, I only need three types of assistive technology and then I have ...

32 views · Health

Where do you buy stamps from?

Where can you buy individual stamps from? I know you can get them from the post office. Can you buy just like 1 or 2 or do you have to pay for a whole pack?

41 views · Shopping

How to unmask "no number" calls on cell phones?

I know the person calling is a not a telemarketer. It's an individual, and when they call my cell it comes up "no number". How does it get masked to begin with and how do I unmask it?

79 views · Computers & Tech

How can I stop feeling so depressed?

how can I stop feeling depressed I have been depressed for a very long time and its getting severe any advice what do I do...I have gone to counsellers but it never seemed to work what should I do?

45 views · Health

is this good...

okay so I wrote this thing about suicide, tell me what you think about it. please!

Suicide is on the rise in the United States of America. Suicide is the 11th leading cause of death in the United States, its the 8th leading cause in males, and t...

30 views · Art, Writing & Literature

I'm a pilot and still can't find anyone

never had a girlfriend and I am 19 or a first kiss, am I weird or just a sad lonely individual?what can I do. I am a rather attractive individual but yet I sit in a dark hole that is my schoolwork. I live near the beach and I still can't find anyone to...

10 views · Love & Relationships

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